At Galerie 5, light becomes art.

To mark the 5th anniversary of Sol Luminaire's first gallery, we’ve embarked on an exploration journey that goes beyond human interaction with light.

Built on a system of lighting beliefs known as The Principle of 5, we embedded that very ideology into the DNA of Galerie 5.
The Principle of 5 forms a five-dimensional world that encapsulates the synergy between human and object, form and function, design and technology; through the five key elements of light supported by five resident brands — including awe-inspiring artisans from around the world.

Experience light as a medium of various art movements and styles as the five featured brands and artisans bring about new ideas that combine interdisciplinary approaches, material exploration and circadian rhythm to engage all five senses.

Forma Rosa Studio
    Frédéric Saulou
       Makhno Studio
        Isac Elam Kaid