3 Interior Lighting Trends to Watch This 2023

2022 saw a shift in interior design trends post-pandemic — neutral palettes, natural materials and textures and biophilic design take centerstage, with the return of bulbous furniture. How can lighting trends evolve and stay relevant?



Interior designed by Maer Atelier ; Images shot by Human+Space

Luminaires with Architectural Appeal

Bulbous, round luminaires like the Gypsum Boba has been favoured by interior designer and homeowners, due to the desired ambience it creates and the architectural impact it has on a space with its concave facade.

Gypsum Boba is suited for larger, open spaces where they can make a bold statement. In smaller rooms, these fi"The illumination of the Gypsum Boba casts a soothing, ambient glow, dispersing light throughout the space."xtures can be strategically placed to add visual interest to your ceiling line. The multipurpose luminaire feature lies in the Dim-to-Warm technology which allows users to adjust the level of colour temperature to suit the mood. "The illumination of the Gypsum Boba casts a soothing, ambient glow, dispersing light throughout the space."

Circadian Lighting


Circadian lighting refers to lighting systems that are designed to mimic the natural patterns of daylight and night time with the goal of supporting the body's natural circadian rhythms.

These systems typically use tunable white technology to adjust the color temperature of the light. And that's what Isa V3 Mini luminaires are about.  The flexibility to adjust to a cooler, bluer light during the day, and  a warmer sunset glow in the evening helps to support the body's natural sleep-wake cycle and enhance the overall mood and productivity. Beyond that, it is also energy efficiency when matching the light intensity to the amount of natural light available.


Scene Setting

AEON's Voli series have evolved to match today's modern interior design. The spherical shape was once an uncommon lighting choice, but have grown to become one of the most used interior ceiling exterior in Singapore homes.

Case in point: Pictured is the Voli Recessed series that gentle illuminates cosy spaces with its modern globe structure

Powered with Dim-to-Warm technology for task lighting or gentle ambient lighting.