3 Modern Applications of Surface and Wall Mounted Lights

The atmosphere created through the use of lights at home is no longer considered an afterthought in interior design. Lighting trend of residential spaces in Singapore are shifting away from conventional light planning and instead, placing more emphasis on how the interior ambiance can be an extension to the desired lifestyle.

Here are some ways you can kick start your light planning journey with modern and current lighting solutions.

Work with layers

It’s not as easy as installing a row of lights and calling it a day. Working with different layers of light and understanding the functionality will bring a sense of depth and character to any living space.


Photo credits: Distinct Identity


For this project located Tanjung Rhu, have a mix of Voli Exposed lights serving as the general illumination of the study area and supplemented by our suspended light, Ambience, above the desk. A good mix of overhead lighting and task lighting ensures the users' visual comfort and required illumination for their tasking activities.


Create areas of focus

Explore different lighting compositions by placing the lights in clusters, incorporating focal points of illumination in your interior.


Photo credits: Millimeters Studio


Featured is Sol Luminaire’s Halo Exposed lighting in the transition area of a quaint home located at Jalan Membina. The focal lighting creates an inviting setting and sets the tone for a comforting interior space.


Define your interior elements

Flaunt your interior by drawing attention to your key features with light. Here at the Sol Luminaire gallery, we placed a Voli Wall light to showcase the functionality of light and to define the raw surface of the exposed concrete beam.


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