5 Brands To Put On Your Radar To Elevate Your Home’s Sights, Smells & Touch

Our homes are our sanctuaries. Every surface, corner, and space has been curated by our design instincts to give us the most comfort. But if you’re getting a little tired of seeing the same old lamps, flicking on the same basic switches, and smelling the same stale odours at home, here are 5 brands with products that will elevate and heighten your senses at home.

They offer some of the most visually stunning lights so even your shadows will be beautiful; the most tactile switches and dimmers so turning on said lights will be a treat; and scents that permeate every nook and cranny to drive out the stank.

a-emotional light

Hailing from Spain, a-emotional light brings to the table a collection of lights bearing organic and geometric shapes. This results in some of the most unique shadows being cast onto your walls and floors. 

Each light, whether it be one of a-emotional light’s pendants or floor lamps, can also stand on its own as an art piece if you require a statement to fill a space. Double whammy.


If you’re as obsessed with scented candles as we are, then MAD et LEN should be one brand to watch. The French apothecary takes our memories and traps them in candles, potpourri, and perfumes all under the roof of their atelier in the Southern French Alps. Their candles are all made with vegetal wax hand-poured into the black iron cases and lit up with a single cotton wick.

"The challenge is to capture endless ideas and movements within the limitations of the material." - Sarah Dehandschutter on llll pendant lamps  "The challenge is to capture endless ideas and movements within the limitations of the material." - Sarah Dehandschutter on llll pendant lamps


The lights from llll are elegance personified. Each lamp has been meticulously crafted by stretching a thin layer of fabric across a hand-bent metal frame to give it a highly organic volume and shape.

Some lamps look like water droplets dripping down infinitely, while others capture the silhouette of birds flying free in the sky.

Buster + Punch

While there’s a certain convenience that comes with turning on all the lights in your home with a voice command issued to your smartphone, nothing beats the tactile feeling of a flick of a switch. Buster + Punch’s switches and dimmers ooze an industrial charm that will have you wanting to flick them on and off.

There are also matching power sockets to complement the switch plates to ensure your entire home has a unified aesthetic.

Makhno Studio

You might recognise the iconic Khmara lamp from Makhno Studio as many homes have made the cloud-shaped pendant light a centrepiece. But the Ukranian design firm has more than just that. Each of their creations has a signature “primordial” shape and design - think brutalist shapes, jagged textures, and rustic colours.

Makhno Studio also has sculptural pieces like the Tetrapod that can inject dimension into any space. You could have 1, 5, 20, or even 500 Tetrapods on a wall and a different vibe will be achieved each time.