5 Genius Lighting Tips To Make Your Home Feel Larger

As much as we’d love to have a huge room to hang all the chandeliers and pendant lamps of our dreams, the reality is that many of us only have small spaces to play with when it comes to our lighting situation. Fortunately, we live in an age of innovation and we’re not limited to gaudy and dated lamps that take up more space than a massage chair in our homes.

If you’re planning to renovate your home sometime soon but you’re worried that your rooms and working spaces won’t get enough light, here are some genius lighting tips that will benefit small living spaces in Singapore.

Use shadowplay to visually enlarge the space


One might think that shadows don’t belong in an article about lighting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Smart shadowplay - strategic use of spotlights to create pockets of light - will give your home a heightened sense of dynamism and vibrancy. If you’re just covering every inch with white light, your floors and walls will look flat and dull.

The way to go about using shadow play in your home is to widen the distance between your luminaries so that there’s some darkness in between the light. The Isa V3 Mini and Isa V3 Focus, for example, are two such luminaires with precise beam angles that will enable shadowplay the easiest.

Use flat lighting fixtures for low ceilings


If your home doesn’t have a high ceiling that can accommodate a false ceiling with fancy lights, you can still light up any room with flat lightingDon't let the Ripple Gypsum's small silhouette fool you. fixtures like the Ripple Gypsum. Not only does it take up a compact footprint, but it also boasts a captivating shell that makes your ceiling light look like a star emanating ripples across your ceiling. Its ornamental elements make it a nifty alternative to swanky pendant lights that would otherwise take up too much space. Don't let the Ripple Gypsum's small silhouette fool you.

And don’t let its small silhouette fool you. The Ripple Gypsum sports a dim-to-warm feature that lets you adjust how bright you want your living spaces to be, making it perfect to set the mood during a dinner party.

Rethink bulky lamps


Let’s face it - as beautiful as some lamps may be, your home might not have enough space to fit that huge floor lamp that you’ve had your eyes set on. So rather than squeeze it into your home and have your rooms looking cramped with furniture, finding another lighting fixture that’s more space efficient will be better for your small living space.

However, should you really insist on having a lamp at home, we’d recommend one that is more of a work of art, like the Wrap Lamps by SkLO Studio or Shell Lamp by Isac Elam Kaid. Grouping them in strategic clusters will make for a unique design feature while simultaneously creating a cleaner ceiling facade.

Layer lights via cove or carpentry lighting


Most people don’t give a second thought to their bookshelves and cabinets once they’ve filled them with their books and trinkets. But homes that lack an abundance of natural light can opt to install LED strips in their bookcases and underneath their cabinets to add some glow to any room. This method of light layering can also be spruced up with motion sensors instead of switches, allowing you to only have the lights turn on when absolutely necessary.

Use colour-adjustable lights


Gone are the days when the light hanging from your ceiling only emits one singular colour. These days, lights like the Isa V3 Tunable White and Boba series can be tuned to a wider colour temperature range. This allows you to easily change up the mood at home with just a twist of your dimmer. Plus, some of these luminaires can also be connected to the TUYA app on your smartphone for ease and convenience.