5 Multi-Purpose Art Pieces For Your Home That Are Both Functional & Aesthetic

Oftentimes when shopping for home decor, the pieces you have your eye on are either aesthetically pleasing or highly utilitarian, rarely both. This makes the discovery of multi-purpose art pieces all that more meaningful. In celebration of the International Day of Light that just passed on 16 May, here are 5 multi-purpose art pieces for your home so you don’t have to sacrifice form for function and vice versa.

Boba by Sol Luminaire

Bubble tea addicts who live and breathe boba can now incorporate the drink into their homes by way of Sol Luminaire’s globe light Boba. Inspired by the starchy, tapioca pearls present in a contender for Singapore’s national drink, the Boba light casts a nuanced soft glow and comes in two sizes - 100mm and 135mm - and in three colours, white, black and gold.


The Boba light can be mounted in a variety of ways, including on a track, on a wall, recessed, and exposed. Its versatility extends to the adjustable colour temperature and dimmable function.

Discover Boba.

Vases by Natura Ceramica

Andriy and Olesya Voznytskyi, the duo behind Natura Ceramica, are making a statement in the world of ceramics with their avant-garde and organically-formed vases. After all, their handmade creations are not simply vessels for flower and pampas grass, but sculptures in their own right that will shine bright under a recess light like the Isa V3.

It is an almost impossible undertaking to highlight just one vase from Natura Ceramica. Every piece that comes out from their kiln is an individual creation that has no equal. The different textures, edges, and colours come together in a harmony of clay, wood, and stone, and will transform whichever corner of your home.

Discover Natura Ceramica’s collection.

Wrap Lamps by SkLO Studio

Taking the cues from tangled cords and scrunched-up rubber bands, the Wrap lamps by SkLO Studio will elevate any console, desk or island table. What makes the lamp so unique is the fact that it’s comprised of one continuous handblown Czech glass tube that is further knotted into the final product you see. That being said, no two lamps bear the same twists and turns.

Shell Lamp by Isac Elam Kaid

Bringing the outside in is a concept that extend beyond plants, as evident by Isac Elam Kaid’s perfectly imperfect handcrafted objects.

For one, the Shell Lamp is cast from an organic sculpture, then broken and made whole again around a lamp. Linen cords appear to hold the structure together.

Discover the Shell Lamp here.

Botryoidal Lamps by Forma Rosa Studio

In a marriage of digital technology and organic life, the Botryoidal Lamp by Forma Rosa Studio was formed. Inspired by the bubbly nature of botryoidal crystals found in the wild, the lamps take on an alien-esque silhouette, especially with the bulging bulbs that stick out at seemingly random spots on the lamp. 

But on a practical side of things, the Botryoidal Lamps still function as a source of light, with a brass knob enabling the bulbs to dim as you please.

Discover the Botryoidal Lamps.

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