8 Decorative Lamps to Rejuvenate Your Homes With in 2024

Lighting is one of the elements in interior design that can make or break a home’s aesthetic. And nowadays more than ever, the quest for a well-lit and stylish home is taking centre stage. So what better way to achieve this than with a curated selection of unique, decorative lamps that can infuse any space with warmth, character, and sophistication? But you don’t have to be going through a renovation just to buy the lamps, as lighting is one of the versatile parts of interior design that can be updated anytime you wish. 


From new editions of the iconic Khmara by Makhno Studio to the whimsical Pillow luminaire by SkLO, these lamps will spruce up your home, even if you’re only living in it temporarily.


With its dramatic and elongated silhouette, the Choven pendant light from Makhno Studio evokes a sense of strength. A singular light tube is nestled underneath the pendant and hangs above any space deemed worthy of its illumination.


The Ba pendant light by Makhno Studio plays on the aesthetics of imperfection, mimicking the moments of dried soil cracking and giving the illusion of an eruption. A gentle light peeks through those said cracks, giving it a warmth that’ll be perfect by your bedside.

Khmara Custom White Gold

It’s undeniable that the cloud-shaped Khmara by Makhno Studio is one of the most popular pendant lamps in Sol Luminaire’s catalogue. Having graced many interiors with its whimsical and stylish charm, the iconic fixture now has a dazzling new white gold colourway designed in collaboration with Sol Luminaire.

Pillow Pendant and Sconce

With a total of 9 different colour combinations, the Pillow Pendant & Sconce by SkLO will be able to fit into maximalist homes and wabi-sabi interiors alike. Each lamp consists of a coloured glass bulb nestled within a larger glass, with the frosted glass giving it a soft, pillow-like look. A brushed brass detail is the finishing touch.

The Pillow Pendant and Sconce come in small and large sizes.

Float 2.0

The Float 2.0, another creation from SkLO, plays with proportions, with the light bulb enveloped by a handblown Czech glass sphere multiple times its size. Each sphere is also blown without the use of molds, ensuring that no two are exactly the same. The glass is available in a smoke-coloured variant at Galerie 5.


llll is best known for its sculptural luminaires that play with shape and texture by way of tricot, and it continues the tradition with the llll.01.4. This lamp takes on an almost chalice-like volume that will evolve when looked at from different angles, and it has a natural elegance that's magnified when its light is switched on.

Discover llll.01.4 here

Boba Chain

Following the success of the Boba series is the Boba Chain Pendant. The cord that would usually be used to suspend the Boba light has been added with a series of interlocking chains that can come in gold, steel, and black. For added drama, you can choose anywhere from a single pendant to a set of 9, giving this new addition to the Sol Luminaire family an unrivalled versatility.

Discover the Boba Chain Collection.

Boba Pendant

For a more understated yet classic look, the Boba can also be found ensconced within an undulating ripple shade. Coming in a small, medium, large, and wall-mounted format, the Boba Pendant will elevate any space with its sleek design.

Discover the Boba Pendant.


The entire new collection will be arriving at Galerie 5 this May.