a by arturo alvarez Wall Sconces Add An Artistic Touch To Your Homes

When faced with a bare, white wall in your home, picking out the perfect accent might be a daunting task. What else besides a painting or a frame family photography? If you’re feeling uninspired, turn to the Spanish artisanal luminaire brand, a by arturo alvarez, for inspiration.

Although standout luminaires from the a by arturo alvarez lineup typically include pendants and standing lamps, their range of wall sconces are not to be left out. Each featuring a design inspired by nature and organic textures, they serve as unique artistic accents for the modern home. Aesthetics aside, each piece takes a minimum of eighty hours for a craftsman to make by hand, ensuring quality and one-of-a-kind charm.

Available at the LAB2.1 are two different styles of wall sconces — Tati and Nevo ranges. Tati features a rounded carapace, characterised by the ebb and flow of handpainted mesh to mimic the silhouette of mountains and valleys. Meanwhile, the Nevo series, which received the Good Design Award, explores organic forms with shifts in volume and gentle curved structures.

Exploring different themes of nature, the two wall sconces both balance design with innovation, utilising malleable painted stainless steel mesh, a signature of the a by arturo alvarez brand. When switched on, each wall sconce emits light filtered through gaps within the mesh material, forming unique light rays and creating a phenomenon called shadowplay. With this, the wall sconce not only serves as a unique piece of art on its own, but also aids in ambience creation, instantly transforming your interiors and imbuing them with their own artistic quality.



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