A Look into How Sol Luminaire Lights up a Modern-Day Home in Singapore

Light is the answer to creating striking spaces and avoiding flat visual scape. The use of contrast provides a restful and pleasant aesthetic in home environments, one of our major considerations when planning interior illumination.

We’ve recently worked with LAANK, a boutique sized interior design firm – spearheaded by Cherin Tan, Creative Director and Co-founder, on a landed apartment project located in Jalan Dermawan, Singapore, illuminated by Halo.


In traditional homes, the usage of diffused lighting is common practice due to its brightness and low price point. This type of light however, dulls your interior and forsakes visual comfort due to the harsh glare.

For this project, we've chosen Halo as the main luminary. The soft illumination replicates the feeling of warmth and coziness complementing the creative direction from LAANK and the Owner's vision.


The main living area is dotted with Halo, embedded within the wooden ceiling panels, accenting the neutral space. The reflective surface and light colour palette bounces light off, visually expanding the interior.

Moving into the dry kitchen area, Halo is placed around the dining island, gently layering the light and creating a comfortable space. LED strips are also conveniently concealed underneath the cabinet to illuminate the kitchen counter for tasking purposes.


Light planning takes into consideration the harmony of design and the users interaction within the space. The right choice of illumination can affect the physical and emotional comfort of your interior.


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Pictures courtesy of LAANK and Marc Tan of Studio Periphery.



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