A Private Affair with Privy Series

With an in-built scope-like structure, Privy can be tilted up to 20-degree while illuminating at a beam angle of 28-degree initially. Now, with the enhanced Privy V2, it offers a wider beam angle of 34-degree, ensuring wall-washing duties are easily achieved.

Photo: Architology Interiors

Photo: Architology Interiors


Available in 10 or 13 Watts, Privy V2 models comes with the mesmerizing Dim-to-Warm technology, that allows you to tune down from Warm White 3000K – Sunset Feel 2000K or opt for the basic dimming function in Privy that tunes down to your preferred brightness setting.

Privy Double Trimless V2, 2000K
Privy Double, 3000K


Retaining its classic squarish design finishing and slightly tapered funnel, this helps to bring down the Unified Glare Rating of Privy to 16/40, with the ability to create a spotty ambience with a twist to conventional light-to-light distance apart.


On top of that, compatible Smart Home systems, such as Control 4, Berka Automation or Google, allows you to digitally control Privy’s dimming functions before you get home. Neat.

Photo: Architology Interiors


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