A Smarter Home Solution

We’re in the age of technology, where accessibility and convenience are the greatest priorities in our daily lives. It’s time our home appliances reflected these values and got smarter, adapting to our needs to better work for us. 

What better way to get smart with Home-A-Genius, an exclusive partner of Sol Luminaire and the first local lighting house to partner with Home-A-Genius, future-proofing your home through Smart Home Automation. 

Home-A-Genius illuminated with Globula Track

Founded by former tech consultants Romel Chua and Cheryl Chiang, Home-A-Genius goes all out in creating a user-centric smart home solution, ensuring ultimate convenience while maximising your home’s full potential. They develop their own software, backend infrastructure, and apps, with an interface that's user-friendly for all ages.


How does Sol Luminaire fit in? Unlike conventional smart lightings which adopt light bulbs housed in traditional bulky dull exteriors, AEON's architectural form & functionalities still retain even with Home-A-Genius’ smart home automation. 


AEON products are equipped with up-to-date recognised drivers and tested with Home-A-Genius Smart Home systems to ensure the days of flickering smart lights, endless configurations and constant disconnections are gone.


For instance below, Voli with its Dim-to-Warm technology allows homeowners to tune down from 3000K - 2000K seamlessly with the touch of a button. 



The Smarter Switch is Home-A-Genius' latest product and a perfect example of their dedication to providing a user-centric smart home solution.  “It works as a console to control switches and gadgets around the house with the help of a Smart Floorplan installed in the app,” states Cheryl Chiang, Home-A-Genius’s Chief Operating Officer. 


Like AEON, products are designed and produced in-house tailored to local requirements, allowing communication and troubleshooting readily available and efficient. Loved by many interior designers for its simple-to-install aspect, the Smarter Switch has also become a new favourite amongst homeowners like Night Owl Cinematics’ Ryan Tan, who uses both Home-A-Genius and Sol Luminaire products in his new home.


Left home without switching off room lights? No sweat, the app has got that covered. 


The Smarter Switch will be ready to view at Sol Luminaire end November

How do you know if your Smart Home system is indeed smart? "A reaction time is usually immediate and no more than 1 second," shares Cheryl. 


Any smarter, and your devices will need their own PhD. 



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