A Sol Luminaire Christmas Gift Guide

It is the most wonderful time of the year, we all know what that means – gift shopping. As the holiday rush sets in, most of us will be pondering what to buy for our loved ones or even for ourselves. 

Here’s an idea: Let’s focus on elevating the spaces that we live in. Be it a new or a seasoned home, every abode should be a place of comfort yet dynamic and unique at the same time. Below, we list a couple of Sol Luminaire products that will definitely garner grins come Christmas morning. 

Frederic Saulou Coffee Table

A coffee table as stylish as it is functional can only be sculpted through the lens of Frederic Saulou's training with post-Industrial materials. His approach to everyday furniture is unique and provocative, placing emphasis on raw textures and ageless design. Having a piece of his work in your home represents a space that is personal, timeless and authentic. 

AEON’s Kepler

Have a habit of reading before bed? Inspired by the gentle gradations of an eclipse, the Kepler makes for the perfect bedside lamp with its ability to tilt up to 90º and rotate 355º. The in-built discreet reading light that can be angled up to 40º, a handy feature that won’t disturb light sleepers in the room. This lamp has an integrated memory dimming function that allows it to remember your preferred brightness levels whenever you turn it on.

Sticky Glass’ Deflated Centerpiece

December is peak party season and everyone will be shuttling back and forth between homes for the festivities. As a host, we would want our guests to remember fond memories of our space, but how do we do that? Quirky, slightly bizzare yet charming decor is the key. New York-based design studio Sticky Glass specialises in ornate blown glass sculptures, such as this centrepiece, that will have guests do a double-take.

The Soucy Shop’s Ceramic Cups

Regularity is so passé. Perhaps, it has something to do with the pandemic, which had us cooped up for far too long. Quirky is back in trend from fashion to homeware, and these adorable cups in seafoam green and coral make for the perfect gift set for new homeowners who are constantly having friends over for coffee.

a-emotional light’s GEA

With the right lighting, a given space can be transformed from drab to fab – in terms of aesthetics and one’s mood. a-emotional light does just that with traditional techniques and innovative materials that are inspired by nature. The GEA floor lamp can tie a room together in a snap with its poetic wavy shape and the soft yet powerful glow.

Lumira’s Sphera

Smell good, feel good. Fragrances have been known to affect one’s disposition – positively and negatively. But with the Sphera set, every room will smell like heaven. The sustainably sourced lava stone absorbs and diffuses the Essenza, which is formulated with premium essential oils. After closing the Sphera for 24 hours, the scent will permeate the stones and emit a fragrance for months to come.

Mahkno Studio’s Ochi

This award-winning design studio hailing from Ukraine has fused traditional designs and techniques with modern sensibilities, teetering perfectly between the timeless themes of nature and futurism. The Ochi table lamp is for the aesthete homeowner, lighting up your bedside thoughts and me-time. Handmade in ceramics.