Accentuate Your Living Space With This Lighting Technique

You’ve spent hours of investments into your prized wall arts or feature walls, and now you want them to be in the limelight that captivates your gaze as if it’s the first moment you’ve seen them.

Yet you question, why does it seem so dull?


Wall washing - a lighting technique with the capability to accentuate your interior design, puts your wall art or a monumental display piece in focus.


It's fairly simple to achieve with a luminaire that has a precise beam angle to avoid unwanted stray lights, and the ability to tilt to give you the flexibility of placements.


Halo gives you the flexibility of directing the illumination with its in-built rotating and tilting function
Photo: ARK-hitecture


A captivating feature display livens up everything in the home, and wall washing enhances the outcome. Halo (featured above) with its precise beam angle of 37-degree and a high Colour Rendering Index of 90, ensures the feature wall art is in focus without losing the visual crispness that elevates the outlook.


An even distribution of light from floor to ceiling is achieved with Line, making the room appears brighter and larger
Photo: Architology


Otherwise, wall washing also enables you to have a result of light scallops. Line (featured above) is placed at an adequate distance away from the feature wall, resulting in two well-rounded scalloping effects with its precise beam angle of 48-degree.




Speak to our lighting specialist to experience how wall washing can be incorporated to accentuate your living space.



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