Adding a Dose of Edge with Decorative Luminaires

When it comes to perfecting your interiors, perhaps you’re looking for something that’s more one-of-a-kind, a luminary that doesn’t just blend into its surroundings.

When placed in the right locations, decorative luminaires can help to accentuate the design of your interiors, as well as enhance ambience alongside general light sources such as AEON downlights Halo and Isa models. 


Get the most out of your interior spaces with decorative luminaires that illuminate all the right areas, while livening up and providing an added touch of character to your living spaces.



Making your bedroom that much cosier.
Pictured Above: Kepler
Designed by Hock Hoon


The eclipse-inspired design of Kepler serves both form and function, with its 90-degree tilt and 355-degree rotatability function. The bedside lamp doubles up as a comfortable reading lamp and late-night companion, thanks to its 3000K warm white lighting, providing illumination that’s gentle on your eyes, even if you’re burning the midnight oil to finish the last chapter of your book. 


Ambience & Accent

Accentuate your countertops.
Pictured Above: Line Accent
Designed by LemonFridge Studio


Accent and Ambience may be as minimalist as feature lamps come, but that does not mean that it lacks character. The texturised matte monochrome finishings of the Line Accent evokes the minimalist vibes of a Pierre Soulages painting, adding a touch of class while illuminating your kitchen island countertops. 


Buster + Punch HOOKED 3.0

Transform your bathroom into an enviable space.
Pictured Above: BUSTER + PUNCH HOOKED 3.0. Image from BUSTER + PUNCH


Transform oft-overlooked restrooms into zones for relaxation with Buster + Punch’s Buster Bulbs, paired with the Hooked 3.0. The luminary’s raw, deconstructed aesthetic will instantly add an industrial vibe to your interiors, a remixed and modern take on the traditional chandelier. 


BaCO3 36W_4B/ALMN.Pendant Light

Spark conversations over dinnertime with the BaCO3
Pictured Above: BaCO3 36W_4B/ALMN.PL.
Designed by Juz Interior


Sleek from all sides, the BaCO3 Pendant Light serves as a stylish statement piece to your interiors. From dining tables to kitchen counters, the BaCO3 Pendant Light highlights all the important areas in your interior spaces.



Modular design that accentuates your spaces.
Pictured Above: Cube.
Designed by Architology.


With beam angles that face both upwards and downwards, Cube is the perfect addition for outdoor lighting or illuminating stairways. Cube’s angular design complements the aesthetics of modern interiors, adding extra dimension to plain walls without cluttering up spaces.


Nula 8

Customise the placement of your Nula 8 for a truly one-of-a-kind interior.
Pictured Above: Nula 8.
Designed by Space Atelier.


Instead of using just one luminaire, try a cluster of them instead. The Nula 8 creates a luxurious silhouette over your living space or dining table. Try your hand at interior customisation by dictating the placement and beam angle of each individual luminaire.



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