AEON® Illuminates Sanctuaries With Ambience for Emotional Wellbeing

If you've been following our Stories, you're likely familiar with Dim-to-Warm luminaires. They offer a nuanced control over lighting temperature for homeowners to soak in throughout the day. But what sets a cosy home apart from one that truly caters to your wellbeing? It's about paying attention to the surrounding details. Think about how your home's lighting syncs with your body's natural rhythm, how it saves energy, and most importantly, how it makes you feel. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a space that supports your wellbeing every step of the way.


Boba's thoughtful design blends softly with hard and soft interiors, creating a space that feels not just illuminated but embraced. The frosted globes envelop you in a sense of tranquillity while serving a range of light temperatures (1800K -  3000K) to tailor to your night and day.

Boba was first introduced in 2023 as single and twin units, where quiet luxury and soulful interiors were celebrated — a trend that continues today. This sentiment was echoed by the viral Tiktok trend, "Why I Never Use the Big Lights", underscoring the preference for softer, more intimate illumination choices.

The Boba series has expanded to pendant styles, giving you the flexibility of configuring your own statement chandelier for your countertops, living rooms or bedrooms.



Craftsmen have long used Gypsum, also known as "Plaster of Paris", to fashion intricate decorative mouldings and models. We have seamlessly integrated this material within contemporary interiors, harnessing its durability and ornamental charm to imbue timeless elegance and character in your spaces.

The Gypsum kit paired with Voli and Halo luminaires embody minimalist elegance with a classic design, enhanced with a concave recess kit for a cohesive ceiling aesthetic.

The Ripple Gypsum series adds a decorative flourish with its serene Ripple design mimicking ocean waves, elevating the ambience with an intricate visual appeal. What's more, both series feature Dim-to-Warm functionality, inducing comfort and relaxation throughout the day.



How effective can lights sync with the human circadian rhythm? We put the Isa V3 Tunable White series to the test.

Imagine having a customisable soundtrack for your home's atmosphere, ensuring that everything you do — whether it's tackling a task, indulging in a hobby, hosting guests or simply lounging — feels perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences. Lights with Tunable White Technology do just that, with a personalised touch.

By adjusting the colour temperature of the light throughout the day, mimicking natural daylight patterns, Isa V3 Tunable White series can help to align day and night cycles with its diverse range of 2700K - 5000K. The series is design-focused to not only enhance the aesthetics of your space, it nurtures emotional wellbeing by creating a space that supports your mood and activities.


Experience the Boba, Gypsum and Isa V3 Tunable White series at Sol Luminaire showroom, 395 Guillemard Road and Galerie 5, 50 Craig road.