All You Need To Know About The Gypsum Series

One of the cornerstones of Sol Luminaire’s catalogue is the Gypsum series, subtly elevating each luminaire by housing it in a recessed concave facade. Should you want to give your homes a unique touch of sophistication, here’s all you need to know about the Gypsum series and what you can expect.

The Gypsum series was re-introduced to the Sol Luminaire lineup a few years back, quickly becoming a crowd favourite thanks to its seamless, architectural aesthetic. The iterations-- Voli Gypsum Long, Voli Gypsum Short, and Halo Gypsum, combine three Sol Luminaire classics with the Gypsum kit, an easy-to-install recessed kit that adds dimension to ceilings and elevates interiors.

Another draw of the Gypsum series is its gentle cur"Add a touch of personality to spaces with unique placements of the Gypsum Boba."ved facade, which softens the overall appearance of ceilings while eliminating sharp corners and harsh lines. "Add a touch of personality to spaces with unique placements of the Gypsum Boba."

This visual softness is further enhanced with the Gypsum Boba, resembling globes of light nestled into a surface. This iteration of the series has been utilised by many a homeowner not only as a downlight, but as an accent piece, adding a touch of personality to spaces with unique placements.

For those who want an extra edge to their luminaires, the Ripple Gypsum gives the Isa V3 and V3 Mini lamps a more dynamic appearance as its ripple-like pattern resembles droplets in an ocean. Drawing inspiration from historical plaster decorations and imbued with modern design sensibilities, this variation of the Gypsum series seamlessly blends elements of the past with the contemporary.

In the coming year, you can also expect to see more editions of the Gypsum come into play, so keep an eye out for that if you want a variation of the Gypsum that has even more pizzazz.