Avoid Discomfort and Light Sensitivity With This Tip

Shopping for the sole purpose of amping up a space’s aesthetic is often the number one priority when it comes to renovating a space.

What most homeowners or interior designers do not realise is that renovating the house goes beyond visual aesthetic and lighting temperature.

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UGR (Unified Glare Rating) plays just an important role in enhancing the visual comfort of an environment, especially when work-from-homes arrangement becomes the norm.


This is because inappropriate light placements can cause excessive brightness when bounced off reflective surfaces. That leads to disruption to occupants and may cause unnecessary discomfort.


“We are perhaps one of the very few lighting houses in Singapore that actually focus on UGR as a component to ensure visual comfort for occupants,” says He Zhi Kai, Marketing Executive of Sol Luminaire.

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UGR is the method of calculating glare from luminaires. The rating helps to determine how likely a luminaire is to cause visual discomfort to those around it.


Picture yourself driving in the direction of the afternoon sun. That uncomfortable glare that you experience can be taken as a resemblance that signifies a high UGR, with classification ranging from 5 to 40. Low numbers indicate low glare.


"What makes the AEON lighting products from Sol Luminaire different from others is that we take pride in calculating the UGR during the production stage," the Marketing Executive adds. "That means not only is the exterior compatible with your preferred interior styles, our products' technical specs are also top-notch."

The newly released Line Mini series, along with all of AEON range of luminaires has the UGR component factored and checked off during production stage. And remarkably, Line Mini series achieved a UGR of <9. That is almost zero glare.


"Being an efficient luminaire goes beyond its lumens per watt technicalities, we consider factors such as UGR for visual discomfort to avoid a harsh lighting experience, " says Zhi Kai.



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