Behind Spanish Brand a by arturo alvarez's Design Process

When it comes to adding drama and mystique to your interior spaces, none can transform your interiors better than the one-of-a-kind statement luminaires from an award winning Spanish brand, a by arturo alvarez. With these luminaires, shadowplay can be achieved, imbuing your interiors with added depth and ambience creation.

FLUO by a by arturo alvarez, available exclusively at the LAB2.1


a by arturo alvarez's luminaires double up as works of art and are all hand-produced in Spain, where traditional handcrafting methods are upheld and combined with modern technology to create each piece— a fusion between the past and present.


GEA by a by arturo alvarez, available exclusively at the LAB2.1


Each piece is handcrafted by a dedicated artisan, who will work on the piece for a minimum of eighty hours, resulting in an undeniable work of art. With the amount of time and attention to detail required to create each piece, it is no surprise that the a by arturo alvarez range is extremely exclusive, something that cannot be replicated en-masse. 


The delicate but arduous handmaking process behind several a by arturo alvarez luminaires.


Naturally, stainless steel mesh would prove to be quite unmalleable due to its sturdy and tough nature, making it impossible to mould and shape by hand. However, Arturo Alvarez developed Simetech, an award-winning and innovative technology that is used in the production process to soften the material, making it malleable. Thanks to this, each piece can be shaped in more ways, subtly conveying a variety of moods and emotions through their artful silhouettes.


TEMPO production by a Spanish craftsman


Though the shape and silhouette may be the most eye-catching and noticeable aspect of each a by arturo alvarez piece, extra attention is also dedicated to the finishings and details. Every piece is individually coated in five layers of paint, creating the organic texture that is reminiscent of various aspects of nature that serve as the inspiration behind the luminaires. 

TEMPO by a by arturo alvarez, available exclusively at the LAB2.1



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