Celebrating The Worlds Of Lighting Design, Art and Nature For This Year’s International Day Of Light

As the world prepares to mark the International Day of Light, Sol Luminaire is set to host an extraordinary celebration that intertwines the enchanting realms of art, nature, and lighting design. This year’s festivities promise to be a beacon of creativity and inspiration, highlighted by a collaborative art display by Curated By Make Room. But first, a bit about the significance of May 16th.

In 1960, the laser was successfully operated for the first time. Six decades on, we've seen significant advancements in lighting, especially in our homes. Modern innovations like the AEON® series feature compact LED luminaires that generate more illumination than the bulky incandescent lamps of the 20th century. For instance, the Isa V3 Mini, with its 50mm silhouette, fits seamlessly into smaller spaces without overwhelming the room's proportions.

Lighting design has also evolved from basic functional shapes to intricate, sculptural forms. Even here at Sol Luminaire, we have the Gypsum series that adds visual depth and interest to any surface by creating a concave facade to accompany luminaires like the Voli, Boba, Isa V3 and Halo.

From May 16th to June 16th, you can explore how contemporary lighting design intertwines with art and nature in a collaborative display at Galerie 5, presented by Sol Luminaire and Curated By Make Room. The latest luminaires from Makhno Studio, SkLO, and llll will be showcased alongside artwork ranging from the abstract to the surreal.

The celebration at Galerie 5, located at 50 Craig Road, for this year's International Day of Light is a luminous journey through the innovative worlds of art, nature, and lighting design. Don't miss this opportunity to witness how modern lighting can transform and elevate our environments in beautiful and unexpected ways.