Crafting Enticing Commercial Spaces with the Right CCT

Have you stepped into a room and immediately felt right at home? Chances are, said welcoming environment was probably illuminated by 3000K Warm White light.

With the right CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature), any space can feel cosy and enticing, thanks to the ambience that the light creates. CCT indicates the temperature of light, with lower CCT values, such as 2700K, indicating warmer-toned light, and higher CCT values, such as 5000K, indicating bright, cool white light.

XYCO Studio, illuminated by 3000K warm white light. The LED Strips not only serve as an architectural design accent, but a tool for ambience creation as well. Photo courtesy of FormPractice.


3000K Warm White light hits the sweet spot across different categories of interiors— whether it’s to light up a hotel room, office space, or your own bedroom. 3000K light is extremely versatile in this regard as it provides sufficient clarity to be used as a task light, while its warmth provides an inviting ambience for any space. Of course, to experience ultimate relaxation, you may also opt for a luminaire with Dim-to-Warm functions like the Isa V3 and Voli, to experience dimmer surroundings ideal for winding down in.

A cosy ambience crafted through the right CCT level opens up spaces fit for a relaxing night in. Designed by Monocot, photo courtesy of Studio Periphery.


Besides looking out for the ideal CCT values, another thing you should look out for is your luminaire’s CRI (Colour Rendering Index) value— which indicates how well a downlight's source is able to reflect an object’s true colours. To prevent dull and flat looking spaces, a minimum CRI value of 90 is recommended, a standard that all of Sol Luminaire’s products adhere to.

Commercial spaces can benefit from using the correct CCT to build an inviting environment. Photo courtesy of The East Coast Commune.