Sol Meets: Defining Contemporary Luxury Spaces With Mikael Teh, Founder of Monocot Studio

It takes but a glance to see that interiors by local design firm, The Monocot Studio, are warm, beckoning, yet aspirational and downright stunning. By marrying traditional, contemporary, and natural influences to craft spaces, The Monocot Studio manages to put a personal spin and an elevated touch to each space.

The Monocot Studio’s range of projects are quite like none other, having worked their magic on residential, commercial, and hospitality projects that span across the globe, not just on local turf. The design studio has also been nominated and received several awards for its breathtaking yet homely designs over the years.


In this edition of Sol Meets, The Monocot Studio’s founder, Mikael Teh, touches on his approach to design, and where he gets his inspiration from when designing such unique spaces.


How would you describe your interior design style?

I approach my design in an architectural manner, cleaning up and improving the spatial relationship between the building and humans are more important than decoration.

The Globula Mini luminaire is the perfect addition over countertops and to illuminate small nooks.


Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Through my years of living overseas and travelling. I used to travel every 2 months for leisure. 


What makes a project interesting to you?

Being able to design both the exterior and interior of a space would be amazing. I feel both designs on the outside and inside should speak to each other.



Any tips when it comes to decorating a space?

Decorate with things that mean something to you, and not for the sake of decoration.


What is your design philosophy?

Every space must be well-curated down to the details, just like in the movies.


Tell us how you introduce light into interior spaces

Definitely introducing as much daylight as possible into a space and working with an experienced lighting specialist or supplier.

Does lighting affect the way you design spaces?

For sure, we typically analyse the light angles of a space and position things accordingly.


How has Monocot Studio grown and changed over the years since it was founded?

Monocot is only 5 years old, and prior to that, I partnered with a few friends. We’ve grown a lot over the last 5 years. Monocot was a team of 1 for 3 years and we just recently expanded to a team of 4. Every day is a learning experience for us, we face different issues and design briefs on a daily basis.

Craft your own ambience by layering different light sources, such as by combining LED strips, decorative pendant lamps, and downlights like the Isa series.


Which products from Sol Luminaire/ the LAB2.1 are your favourite, and why?

We typically use architectural lighting from Sol Luminaire. We love them because of their sleek design, and because they are always stable when we connect them to dimmer switches. Furthermore, we always get great support from the sales team.


What do you do during your free time?

I used to travel heaps, but lately it’s really just work, cooking and cycling.


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