Discover Tunable White technology with the latest Isa V3 Series

Last year, we released the Isa V3 luminaire, a customisable series of downlights with advanced lighting prowess. Now, we've upgraded the Isa V3 experience with the release of a new variant: the Isa V3 Tunable White luminaire.

Featured image: The Isa V3 tunable white series model illuminating at 3000K Warm White light

A view of how the Isa V3 Tunable White luminaire can be adjusted from 2700K to 5000K lighting.


With the Isa V3 Tunable White luminaire, you're able to enjoy the performance output and design features of the Isa V3 series alongside new innovations — namely maximum lumen output during colour tuning and higher efficiency ratings.

The Isa V3 series displays versatility, fitting in with a variety of interiors. Designed by Arkhilite.

Leveraging on different Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) settings can reap benefits for peripheral spaces, such as inducing Circadian Rhythm with the flexiblity of colour temperature control — from a wide range of 2700K warm setting to 5000K cool setting. Crafting the perfect scene-setting of your choice. Scene-setting can be scheduled in advance through scene scheduling. 

The Isa V3 series's customisable appearance and innovative functions are a perfect match for any interior.

Isa V3 Tunable White is compatible with the Tuya Smart App, and integrated with Google Nest or Amazon Alexa. Homeowners can set it up through Wifi, with Bluetooth as a backup connection. 

The Tuya Smart App provides a fiver-layer AES security system via the Tuya Cloud platform. Users can ensure the safety and security of their data on the smart app. Discover more about the Isa V3 Tunable White series model and its smart home capabilities here, or book an appointment with our lighting specialists for a gallery walk-through.