DOMUS: Futuristic Design Solutions Inspired By Nature

Sometimes, modern problems require more than modern solutions. Sometimes, they require biophilic solutions integrated with technology. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Thank goodness the folks over at Domus Singapore have got this all figured out, Smart Home no longer only defines a wide range of dull lighting fixtures with RGB offering.


Sol Luminaire’s partner, Domus, has been in the field of smart home systems since 1999 and is an expert in biophilic design solutions, providing hassle-free interactions and optimal comfort within users’ homes.

Domus illuminated with AEON.


So what is Biophilic design anyway? It certainly is more than placing a potted plant on your nightstand and calling it a day. Simply put, it refers to technological solutions that take inspiration from nature, such as Domus’ use of the circadian rhythm in its smart home solutions. 


That means integrating the 24-hour cycles that are part of your body's internal clock into your homes. An example of a light-related circadian rhythm is sleeping at night and being awake during the day.


This ensures the best quality of the environment regarding lighting, temperature, and even security, allowing for maximised efficiency and effectiveness.


Think of attaining architectural lighting aspects, CRI, CCT and UGR, for mood and ambience creation, paired with the added touch of convenience within your control and not losing the luminaire's output efficiency, that's the future we want to head to.


Domus’ solutions ensure that your home lighting system will be tailored to suit your personal and lifestyle needs, as you’ll be able to easily adjust the intensity, tone, and colour of your home lighting system to create an atmosphere for optimal productivity and relaxation. You can now work-from-home and 'Netflix and chill' easy all in one place.

Above - AEON's Dim-to-Warm Technology, from 3000K to 2000K


Have concerns regarding future-proofing your home? Domus has got it covered. Presently, most home automation technology relies on Wifi to operate, which could leave users in a major pinch during periods of connection loss or internet downtime. Domus ensures that this will never be the case, as their systems operate via hardwire or dedicated wireless connections. Additionally, they provide extra cables to be ready for future technology and expansion.


Domus smart lifestyle system in action for AEON's Dim-to-Warm function


Domus also provides the option of custom installation for new builds or retrofitting technology for existing home conversion, so no one will have to miss out on upgrading your smart home set up.


Elevate your house into a home with the addition of Domus’ intelligent lifestyle solutions, bringing your home to its fullest “smart” potential to provide optimal comfort and ease.



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