Efficiency Meets Elegance: Your Guide to Kinetic, Toggle and Dimmer Switches

Even though home technology has evolved to the point where we don’t have to bother about physical switches, the tactility offered by flicking a switch or turning a knob and the subsequent illumination is unbeatable.

Today, we’ll take a look at how AEON luminaires are compatible with kinetic, smart-home systems and Buster + Punch’s switches to transform your living environment in a combination of efficiency with elegance.

As the average homeowner becomes more conscious about design details, picking out the little things like light switches and dimmers becomes all that more important to achieve a cohesive aesthetic throughout a home. Thankfully, Buster + Punch have a wide offering of light fittings that combine modern elegance with industrial sensibilities and can fit into homes in a variety of interior design themes.

What sets Buster + Punch switches apart from the typical Lutron, Google Home or Kinetic switches are the bespoke design and finishing. Mainly how each switch and dimmer protrudes out from the wall in an attention-grabbing knob boasting a diamond-cut, cross-knurl pattern. Whether you want it in brass or steel, black or white, is entirely up to your prerogative.

Galerie 5 at 50 Craid Road is fitted with Lutron RA2 system.

Beyond Buster + Punch, household kinetic switches (wireless systems) work exceptionally well with AEON luminaires like the Gypsum series, Isa V3 Mini  or Boba series, as switches allow one to make the most out of its dim-to-warm function. 

Homeowners can also combine toggle switches with smart home solutions like the Lutron Caseta or Control4 to effortlessly bring your home into the digital age. The combination allows you to enjoy the convenience of controlling your lights and devices through smart features, such as voice assistants or mobile apps, while still maintaining the tactile experience of using traditional toggle switches. This integration not only enhances your everyday living but also opens up a world of possibilities for energy efficiency, customisation, and seamless control of your home's lighting and connected devices.


Learn more about AEON's compatibility with a wide range of switches at Sol Luminaire and Galerie 5 galleries, 395 Guillemard Road and 50 Craig Road. View the full Buster + Punch collection here, or head down to the LAB2.1, 399 Guillemard Road, to see and feel Buster + Punch switches in person.