Elevated Lighting: How These Three Brands Take Illumination To The Next Level With Handmade Luminaires

It’s no secret that most of the lights in our homes were built and assembled in a factory by robots who only know binary instructions. So when we learnt about the process behind the creation of luminaires from Makhno Studio, llll, and a-emotional light, we gained a newfound respect and appreciation for the handmade lights that are designed by them.

Today, we take a look at the materials favoured by these three brands and how they use them to redefine how we perceive our sources of light in our homes.

Makhno Studio

Makhno Studio’s creations, dare we say it, are some of the most iconic products that have graced the interiors of many homes. From the whimsical Khmara pendant that resembles a floating cloud to the Makivka lamp that takes after a poppy head, everything that comes out from Makhno Studio has been thoughtfully designed by infusing the environment around us with technological advancements.

Makhno Studio’s expertise lies in ceramics and the practice of authentic, handmade techniques for all of its items, setting them apart from the replicas that flood online marketplaces.

Apart from lights, Makhno Studio also designs other home furnishings including, collectibles and tiles.


The ethereal silhouettes of llll’s lights are meant to evoke a multitude of feelings, mainly curiosity, wonder, and awe. After all, they might look like simple pieces at first glance, but the technicalities that go into creating a sculpture that looks like that are not as easy as it seems.

Aluminium frames are bent into dynamic shapes that have an organic nature before two layers of semi-knitted fabric are stretched tightly around them. The result is a lamp that takes on a different shape from every angle with the fabric, giving it a featherlight look and a moiré effect, almost akin to them being suspended in midair. Some of the lights even take on the likeness of angelic birds.

The lamps are then suspended by an isolated current-carrying cable to ensure neatness as no other cables will be visible.

a-emotional light

While most people regard light as a source of illumination in darkness, Arturo Álvarez sees light as a medium to evoke emo"Arturo Álvarez sees light as a medium to evoke emotion"tion, which was why he founded a-emotional light back in 1994. Almost 3 decades on, his designs have found themselves in the hallways of hotels, global offices, Michelin-starred restaurants, and private residences. "Arturo Álvarez sees light as a medium to evoke emotion"

a-emotional light's signature designs are luminaires crafted with a stainless steel mesh as a shell to give it a  semi-translucent structure that still allows light to escape from within its confines. The malleability of mesh makes it easy to create shapes like flowers, towers, and abstract shapes with curves that take on an organic form that could only be created by hand, not by machine.

If you wanted to see how these lights differ from their machine-built counterparts, you can check them out at the LAB2.1 and Galerie 5 showrooms at 399 Guillemard Road and 50 Craig Road respectively.