Enhancing Our Favourite Spots in Town with Mood Lighting

Lights can have a profound effect on the mood of any given space. From the intimate glow filling a living room to the welcoming and energetic illumination at your favourite café, the experience at both will undoubtedly be different.

To maximise the effect of mood lighting, luminaires cannot be an afterthought during the design phase. Each piece has to go hand-in-hand with one another to suit the overarching theme to really make an impact on the guests, especially for small businesses. 

Tucked away along Portsdown Road, Ce Soir is a restaurant famed for their delectable French fare and interiors wrapped in mystique and the elusiveness of dusk, hence the name that translates to “tonight”. 

llll pendant lights were implemented for its subtle glow peeking through the brand’s signature mesh material that splashes unique textures against the walls and floors.

The artistic shapes and curves of the luminaires almost camouflage with the flora decor lining the ceiling, adding to the ethereal ambience.

Over at Kawasemi, lighting up an intimate and personal experience is a crucial aspect for an omakase restaurant. 

The Boba Exposed wall lamps come with Dim-to-Warm technology, adding warmth and visual interest in the space at anytime of the day. The soft globe design complements the architectural curves of the interior.  

LED strips highlighting the custom wall arches convey a sense of openness and relaxation, layered with Isa V3 recessed ceiling lights and Boba lamps to bring about warm lighting tones that do not compromise on overall spatial illumination.

We’ve all seen those films set in New York or Italy where the cheese shops are quaint and rustic. But for Singapore’s own Cheeselab, modernism is the way to go in elevating the charcuterie craze that swept across the country.

Black, grey and white reign supreme as the industrial concept took hold with grey marbled counters, cement floors, stark white walls and glass floor-to-ceiling doors leading patrons to the main event – the plethora of cheeses. 



Likewise, the lighting followed the stripped back aesthetic with the buster bulb ceiling lights casting its beam throughout the space. Of course, cheese on its own isn’t meant to be treated too seriously, llll pendant lights mimicking paper thin slices of cheese adds a bit of whimsy to the store. 

The right luminaire doesn’t steal the spotlight away from the main event, it accentuates the elements it illuminates to draw in our eyes and our attention. Good lighting need not be saved for the home and it certainly has a place for our favourite spots around town too.