Founder Kobe Wong Reveals Sol Meets: KDOT’s Approach to Client-centric Design

Sleek interiors with contemporary influences are a signature of local interior design firm KDOT Studio. View any of KDOT’s projects, and you’ll realise that they each have their own unique flair,  designed with clear attention to detail, and built with quality finishings that are the epitome of modern luxury.

In this edition of Sol Meets, Kobe elaborates on his approach to design, and provides quality advice and insights that reveal his experience and passion for interior design.


Your bio reads, “Everything starts with a dot” — share with us what your interior design process is like.

Like the focus and simplicity of a dot, we believe in casting away frills to get to the heart of good design. Both the big picture and the fine details matter to achieve an ideal balance of form and function in the creation of any space. To do this well, we work alongside our clients to help them identify their unique lifestyle needs and preferences, and shape abstract design ideas into beautiful solutions.

By connecting the dots, we create custom spaces of comfort that meet clients’ needs, and keep up with the demands of fast-paced modern living.


Describe the style of Kdot in 3 words

Contemporary, Minimalism, Timeless


What are some of the more popular interior design themes you encounter?

Japandi (Japanese + Scandinavian) and fusion of trends. Modern homeowners do not particularly lean towards a single theme.

The Voli Recessed serves as a practical lighting solution in KDOT's office.


What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

Problems presented to us by our clients in their daily lifestyles inspire us. We enjoy hunting for creative solutions which blend aesthetics and functionality.


What are the most important aspects when designing a space?

Our clients’ lifestyles, needs, and aspirations.


How do you plan lighting for dark interior themes?

For dark interior themes, we will focus on the placement of lights to accentuate key features of the house.

A combination of dark interiors and warm white light courtesy of the Line Mini establishes the ideal modern interior. Designed by KDOT Studio.


Do you have a go-to Sol Luminaire lighting product? Why?

The Line Series. They are relatively small in size & feature a low UGR rating which will not cause discomfort for clients. It can be easily integrated into interiors with its slim exterior housing, and has a very subtle look when installed on the ceiling.


How can homeowners improve their home to balance work and leisure?

Homeowners should look at multifunctional furniture (such as island counters), or other solutions to create versatile spaces such as with glass or movable partitions. That way, their spaces can cater to both work and leisure.


Best design advice for new homeowners.

New homeowners should visit their new homes and do some research on what purpose different areas in their house can serve. Once they identify this, they will be able to arrive at better designs to suit their lifestyles.

The Line Mini lights up the interiors of KDOT's office


How do you spend your weekends?

Sad to say, Saturday is still a work day for me. But I will make sure I spend quality time with my family on Sunday. 



Our galleries will adhere to a maximum capacity of 10 or less pax at all times in accordance with COVID-19 measures. Our consultants will be available for physical and virtual appointments from Monday – Saturday.

Sol Luminaire is located at 395 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399791. the LAB2.1 is located at 399 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399793.