Get Instantly Transported to Exotic Destinations with Atelier LUMIRA

Though we may not be able to tick off any destinations on our travel bucket lists just yet, here is one way you can satisfy your wanderlust from the comfort of your home —  with the help of Atelier LUMIRA’s artisanal products, of course. 

Atelier LUMIRA Room Spray in Arabian Oud and Scented Candle in Tuscan Fig 

Founded in 2013 by creative director Almira Armstrong, the Australian brand crafts its artisanal candles and room scents locally, with the finest ethically sourced perfume oils and environmentally conscious glass candle jars that are 100% recyclable. An added plus, Atelier LUMIRA’s candles only uses vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients such as natural soy wax that is housed in a 300G black-recycled glass vessel.


Inspired by the beauty of exotic destinations worldwide, each scent is masterfully layered and gently composed, transporting you into a sensory escapism in mere moments. All it takes is a few spritzes of a room spray or one of Atelier LUMIRA’s signature candles to enthral you into the luscious hills of the Tuscan countryside or the lush coastline of Sicily.


Not only do Atelier LUMIRA’s scents recreate the aromas and scents of each destination, the brand also incorporates ingredients that reflect the mood and memories of the respective location — the perfect tool in creating an ambience and crafting a signature scent for your spaces. 

Atelier LUMIRA's Candle in Cuban Tobacco
Atelier LUMIRA’s Scented Candle in Tuscan Fig, available at the LAB2.1


With an unbeatable combination of luminaires from Sol Luminaire and home fragrances from Atelier LUMIRA, ambience creation will be a walk in a park. Simply dim the lights to a cosy 2000K warm sunset glow, and pick out your favourite scent, be it an uplifting mood-booster, or a soothing relaxant, to create the perfect environment for your next meditation session or at-home spa experience. 


Shop Atelier LUMIRA’S candle and room spray selection online here, or in-person at the LAB2.1’s gallery at 399 Guillemard Road. 



Our galleries will adhere to a maximum capacity of 10 or less pax at all times in accordance with COVID-19 measures. Our consultants will be available for physical and virtual appointments from Monday – Saturday. 

Sol Luminaire is located at 395 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399791. the LAB2.1 is located at 399 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399793.