Get To Know Halo, An Iconic Series

Showcasing our classic series, Halo is a range of modest of down light with a distinctive design that fits graciously onto your ceiling. For the minimalists out there seeking a clean space, Halo blends in to create a seamless interior.

Halo V2 Trimless


Whilst emitting a soft glow within when switched on, Halo takes on the form of an actual ring of illumination.


This distinct aesthetic paired with a minimal product design can be a staple choice when choosing lights for your interior.

Photo: Architology Interiors


Built with rotatable and tilting functions, Halo gives you the choice of adjusting the illumination to your desired direction, optimizing both functional and aesthetic purposes; And find yourself immersed within the cozy atmosphere you choose to dim at your preferred setting.


For a more simple approach, line them up on tracks. While it allows the flexibility of directing the illumination, it also provides the convenience of installing multiple fixtures within one lighting point.


Photo: Architology Interiors


Long gone were the days of fretting over the compatibility between your lights and interior, head down to our showroom for more ideas.



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