Go Big By Going Smaller with the All New Isa V3 Mini

Remember the release of the Isa V3 series last April? This year, we’re raising the bar even higher by adding on a new addition to the series — the Isa V3 Mini series. 

Obscure yet robust, the Isa V3 Mini illuminates from a minute size of 50mm, while retaining its luminosity and magnitude. Seeing stars? That's the Isa V3 Mini seamlessly blending in with your ceiling line, shaping your spaces with light, atmosphere and emotion.  

The Isa V3 Mini luminaire will transform your perception of a space. Strategically adjust your light source to highlight collectibles. 

The Mini series proves to be the optimal luminaire for wall-washing , with a narrow beam angle ideal for lighting up gallery and feature spots. The subtle play of light cast and shadowplay can be used to transform the viewer's experience from entrance to exit.

When you thought the Isa V3 was small, we go even smaller with the Isa V3 Mini, complete with interchangeable funnels and recess kits for a multitude of styles and functions.

(Left) Isa V3 Mini in 1800K ; (Right) Isa V3 Mini in 3000K

Do not shy away from its discreet size, the Isa V3 Mini boasts incredible lighting prowess, with a wattage of 6W, as well as dim-to-warm functions. A narrow beam angle serves drama and dimension via shadowplay.  With this, rest assured you’ll never miss out on the flexibility of ambience creation again. Contact our lighting specialists to discover more about the Isa V3 Mini.