Here’s What You Missed at SIDFest with Sol Luminaire

Last month, Sol Luminaire had the pleasure of participating in SIDFest, a convention dedicated to all things design-related. Sol Luminaire was part of Design by Numbers, the highlight of the festival featured a minimalist, modern, and cosy living setting with the aid of the ISA V3 luminaires and the NEVO pendant by Spanish brand, a by arturo alvarez. 

Sol Luminaire's Design by Numbers exhibit, featuring a cozy interior with warm lighting, illuminated by Isa V3 luminaires and the NEVO pendant

Another highlight of our participation at SIDFest included Sales Manager Edmund Ho’s presentation, which covered the importance of technological innovations in lighting, interior and lighting trends of 2021-2022, and the announcement of our new Gypsum series. Here’s a recap on the topics Edmund spoke on:


Sol Luminaire and Good Lighting

What constitutes good lighting? Factors such as colour rendering index (CRI), precise beam angles, and material finishings and design aesthetics all contribute greatly to good lighting. Sol Luminaire’s in-house line, AEON, checks all these boxes, as each release boasts a minimum CRI of 90/100, precise or adjustable beam angles (like with the Isa V3 Focus), and design-centric aesthetics that blend seamlessly with interior spaces.

The audience at SIDFest were also let in early on Sol Luminaire’s then-upcoming release, the Gypsum kit. The Gypsum series upholds Sol Luminaire’s standard for good lighting, as it not only adds aesthetic interest to ceilings with its concave design, but also enhances its users’ living experience with its reduced glare and discreteness.

The Gypsum series, now installed at Sol Luminaire's gallery
a by arturo alvarez's NEVO luminaires gently diffuse light while casting unique shadows.
Available exclusively at the LAB2.1


Ambience Creation

Lights can be utilised beyond mere functionality, and with a few clever tricks, ambience creation can be achieved for a more inviting, dimensional appearance within your interiors. Edmund listed examples of how ambience creation can be achieved, via light layering with a variety of light sources, by utilising dimmer switches, and through focal area creation with luminaires through shadowplay.


Lighting Trends for 2021-2022

Designers and industry insiders foresee that in upcoming months, discreet, small, luminaires that will go unnoticed will be a popular choice, thanks to their ability to create a clean and soft ceiling outlook. Such luminaires can also enhance the appearance of other design elements and furniture within a space, while having high performance output that does not compromise on functionality. A great example of such a luminaire is the Line Mini, a sleek and discreet luminaire.

Sol Luminaire's exhibit featured AEON luminaires, Voli, and a by arturo alvarez luminaires, NEVO


Another design trend would be the placement of triplet and twin units, as such placements can create a softer, more diffused look, or achieve shadowplay with their overlapping beam angles.


Sol Luminaire’s Exclusive Partners

Lastly, Edmund shared another reason why Sol Luminaire stands out from the crowd— by being the exclusive local partner of DIALux, Sol Luminaire is able to ensure efficient and accurate results when rendering lighting plans. Another partner of Sol Luminaire’s is DOMUS, a fully customisable smart home service provider that focuses on biophilic systems.



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