Dream Homes with Personalities Start with Customisable Luminaires

Luminaire customisation— it all started with the Isa V3’s interchangeable funnels and faceplates, as well as the option to choose between square and round fitting shapes.

The customisable Gypsum series comes in three variants, the Voli Gypsum Long, Voli Gypsum Short, and Halo Gypsum.


What followed suit was the Gypsum series, which provided even more flexibility and free reign when it came to selecting the type of luminaire (Halo, Voli Short, and Voli Long), and the type of finishing and paint job utilised to complete your ceilings.

An effortlessly easy way to upgrade your interiors, as demonstrated by the Isa V3 in chrome gold.


Still looking for more options? Keep an eye out for the upcoming Gypsum Globe, Sol Luminaire’s soon-to-be latest addition to the customisable series, which is also retrofittable with existing Voli Gypsum fixtures.

The Isa V3 introduces warmth into your interiors via a subtle pop of colour.


Transforming a house into a home requires attention to be paid to the smallest of details, which includes having your luminaires match your interior’s colour palette, finishing, textures, and more. Knowing this, Sol Luminaire’s future product developments will allow you to customise your luminaires even further, bringing you one step closer to attaining your dream home.

The Halo Gypsum creates a smooth, seamless ceiling line, thanks to its recessed outlook and customisation capabilities.