Sol Meets: How The Local INN.Terior Gardens’ Co-Founder, Sunny Approaches Client-Centric Interior Design

When designing a space, Sunny, co-founder of The Local INN.Terior Gardens, finds that inspiration strikes when interacting with his clients directly. Consideration of his clients’ experiences and lifestyles, combined with accumulated knowledge on interior design trends and aesthetics, enables Sunny to create unique spaces that cater to the exact needs and wants of each client. 

Despite The Local INN.Terior’s extensive design portfolio and renowned local reputation, Sunny is not one to rest on his laurels, instead seeking new challenges, and considering projects that “[force him] to think of alternative design solutions” to be his favourite. 


Sunny’s passion for interior design shines through with his approach to design — his readiness to take any design challenge head-on, as well as his projects which boast careful attention to detail, which make each space feel that much more welcoming. 


When designing a space, Sunny agrees that lights play an important role in crafting the mood and general atmosphere of a space. “Different modes of lighting denote different feelings,” he says. He also places great emphasis on the placement of each luminaire, as they are used to enhance various other aspects of the interiors. Moreover, the placement can bring out the character of each luminaire itself.


The Line and Halo V2 luminaires illuminate spaces via their sleek bodies.
Designed by The Local INN.Terior


What do you love about interior design?

The fact that my creativity can be expressed through the physical and functional form of space, and the tactile quality of its final, manifested state that becomes a place to be eventually shared with multiple people.


How do you distinguish yourself from other interior designers?

By drawing inspiration directly from my client’s experiences and preferences without strictly conforming to a specific design style and combining the many different aspects together to form something that uniquely expresses their personalities.


What are some of your favourite projects you worked on?

The challenging sort that forces me to think of alternative design solutions.


Share with us your creative process, where do you find inspiration?

To be honest, inspiration comes naturally when communicating with the client, coupled with daily observation of little details of how things come together or are put together.

Add personality to your interiors by grouping the LAB2.1's BaCO3 luminaires in a variety of clusters.
Designed by The Local INN.Terior


Was there a shift in interior design trends when COVID-19 hit? 

Trends are constantly shifting but integrating curvature in carpentry and partitioning has become a popular trend in recent times, along with an increase in clients favouring a minimalist design style.


How does a homeowner design a conducive work/study room during lockdown?

It’s always best to situate a workspace away from the bedroom, preferably in a designated study room, or if not, make some space in the living area that allows for one to be within an environment that does not induce the feeling of rest.


How do you plan lighting for commercial and residential spaces, how are they different?

For commercial sites, there’s more surface area to play with and experiment, and more focused points compared to residential spaces.


How does lighting affect the occupant? 

The mood and general atmosphere is affected the most, as different modes of lighting denote different feelings.


Do you have a favourite lighting product from Sol Luminaire?

There are no particular favourites, however, every light that we have used has its own character. What matters more is the placement of each specific piece, which is used to enhance the surrounding space and bring out the individual character of each light.


The statement pendant luminaire SiO2 from the LAB2.1 adds a modern flair to hallwars and empty spaces.
Designed by The Local INN.Terior


What are some interior design and material trends you foresee for 2021-2022

Nordic and bohemian styles mainly. Also, the maintenance of existing unpolished surfaces and the preservation of certain aspects that come with the space, to retain its original rustic quality. For example, keeping the unrefined texture of old exposed brick walls without plastering, but conserving its surface by painting it.


What do you like to do in your free time?

Most of my days off consist of spending quality time with my family, but to be honest, I’d like to have more sleep.



Our galleries will adhere to a maximum capacity of 10 or less pax at all times in accordance with COVID-19 measures. Our consultants will be available for physical and virtual appointments from Monday – Saturday. 

Sol Luminaire is located at 395 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399791. the LAB2.1 is located at 399 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399793.