How You Can Embrace The Art Of Colour Temperature To Craft The Perfect Ambience At Home

As important as the design of your lights at home is, there are plenty more methods to achieve an ambience in your personal sanctuary that is cosy, inviting, and comforting. Having your lights emit the right colour temperature to fit the occasion and place is one of the easiest ways to take a room looking sharp and sleek to alluring and enchanting.

For the uninitiated, correlated colour temperature (CCT) essentially indicates the temperature and respective colour of light. A lower number like 1800K means the light is warmer toned, and higher numbers like 5000K means that the light is of a cool, bright nature. The sweet spot for most lights is 3000K–its both warm white and versatile enough to illuminate any space as both a task light and ambient light. Two latest AEON® luminaires that can strike this balance are the Voli V2 and Ripple Gypsum Isa V3.

The Voli V2 can be used to accentuate specific areas of your home, be it an alcove by your foyer or the nook you’ve converted into your home office. On the other hand, the Ripple Gypsum Isa V3 can cover swathes of space, especially in areas like the living and dining rooms. It also doesn’t hurt that the ripple-like effect on its exterior adds an intriguing focal point to an otherwise ordinary ceiling light.

But what makes them both shine is their dim-to-warm technology. During the daytime or when you have company over, you can easily have them at the default 3000K warm white colour temperature. When it’s time to create a more intimate environment, you can easily switch up the mood by adjusting their colour temperature to 1800K which mimics the warmth of a glowing sunset.

For the bedroom, the Kepler V2, equipped with dim-to-warm technology, makes for the perfect bedside companion, aiding in a smooth transition to your nighttime routine. Its reading allows bookworms to immerse themselves in a few chapters of their favourite novels before bed without straining their eyes, and easily dimming the lamp when it’s time to hit the hay. It also boasts a USB-C charging port so your devices can get juiced up as you sleep.

And for all other decorative purposes, the new Boba Chain and Boba Pendant will fit into all sorts of interiors, whether they be industrial or mid-century modern. The Brutalistic Boba Chain will give any space a rugged edge when turned to its warm colour temperature. On the other hand, the smart-looking Boba Pendant and its ripple shade will add a sophisticated touch to the dining room, home office, or even above a kitchen island.

At the end of the day, all that matters is you pick a light that is versatile enough to be used from dawn to dusk and anytime in between. Gone are the times when bulbs only come in one colour of light. Combining the visual technicalities of correlated colour temperature with AEON®’s dim-to-warm features will allow you to elevate the interior of your home into a space that's stylishly lit for ages to come.