In Conversation: Futurahaus On The Benefits Of Smart Home Technology

From intuitive home hubs to smart lighting, smart home systems are constantly released in the market to make life a lot more convenient, and spaces more connected. With so many options available, you might be wondering — where do I start?

That’s where Futurahaus comes in — a one-stop shop for homeowners looking to build a smart, energy-efficient home. The team of tech-savants providing quality smart home solutions while taking care of the project planning, installation and aftercare.

In this edition of In Conversation, we spoke with the founders Ian Lee and Sherman Wu on ways you can integrate smart technology within your luminaires that's tailored to your lifestyle.

Pictured above is Galerie 5 showroom where AEON luminiares are compatible with the Lutron smart system by Futurahaus

Besides providing convenience, how else can Smart Home integration improve one’s daily life?

It is a myth that smart homes consume more energy. A smart home actually helps to save energy. Smart Home integration also provides security and improves appliances’ functionality. 

Imagine rushing out of your house in the morning, forgetting to switch off your lights or any appliances in your home. This is where smart home systems come into play. You will be able to track the status and access your appliances with your phone. An intelligently designed home theatre and audio system can make managing your movie and music collection effortless.

What are the benefits of Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting allows users to conveniently control the intensity of their lights. Traditionally, if you want to dim the light you will need to have a dimmer knob which is not only troublesome to use, but also unsightly. 

With our smart lighting solution, your dimmer will be directly in-built into your switch, with easy control via five options: switches, mobile app, touch screen system, TV remote and voice control. Manual switches cause lights to flicker if not done up properly, our dimming switches adapt to every light and phase dim all the lights, thus achieving smooth lights for all our clients.

In the past, if you wanted to watch a movie, you would have to manually turn off all the lights, draw the curtains, and switch the TV on. Now with our smart system, you can do everything with one touch of a button. 

Left: Project by Ovon Design features Halo Gypsum and Isa V3 ; Right: Project by Arkhilite features a custom Gypsum series

Which luminaires from Sol Luminaire are most favoured by your clients?

Voli and ISA V3 are their most favoured luminaires; our showroom uses Voli Track. Personally, our favourite luminaires will be the Gypsum series paired with Voli as it adds a unique touch to the ceiling with its concave facade, creating the ideal atmosphere with its dim to warm functionality.

What are some upcoming smart home features that homeowners could greatly benefit from?

Technology is always evolving. We are always excited about new products and functionalities. Our clients are always asking for kitchen appliances such as an oven, stove, dishwasher, and hob to be automated. We know some products on the market that already have these functions. After much research, we decided not to bring them in just yet due to reasons such as stability, safety regulation and security. 

Where do you see the future of Smart Lighting heading? 

We envision hands-free usage for the future of Smart Lighting. Therefore, we are excited for new reputable brands that will be coming to Futurahaus by the end of the year. These upcoming brands will be able to achieve hands-free automation using surrounding light sensors, ambience sensors, and artificial intelligence. 


Achieve a unified ceiling aesthetic with the Halo Gypsum. Interior by Arkhilite.

Tell us more about the smar"We envision hands-free usage for the future of Smart Lighting... using surrounding light sensors, ambience sensors, and artificial intelligence." t home solutions you integrated within Galerie 5’s showroom. "We envision hands-free usage for the future of Smart Lighting... using surrounding light sensors, ambience sensors, and artificial intelligence."

In Galerie 5, we integrated the entire showroom with our Lutron system. Using Lutron Adaptive Phase Dimming Technology tied with Sol Luminaire state-of-the-art lights driver, we achieved the perfect dimming of the lights. 

Galerie 5 is a showroom with opening and closing hours. We integrated the system to automatically turn on and off accordingly. We also created an experience with their llll series luminaires by adding motion sensors, allowing clients to immediately see the beautiful glow of the lights when they walk through each room. 

Experience the best of smart home lighting systems at Galerie 5, 50 Craig Road.