In Conversation: Kuhlmann International, The Modular Builder With A Legacy of Quality

Not many companies can stay relevant for a hundred years. But for Kuhlmann International, established in 1923, that milestone steadily approaches, a testament to their ability to adapt and produce timeless works that resonate with their clients over the decades. 

Their reputation was formed through the combination of precision engineering and manufacturing processes with quality materials, allowing them to cater to clients worldwide. Recently, Kuhlmann International opened the doors to their Experience Centre located in Singapore, outfitted with the Line Mini and Halo Mini Exposed from Sol Luminaire. “We enjoy Sol Luminaire’s attention to detail and in-house R&D that constantly improves their products,” said Simon Chiang, Creative Director. “Like Kuhlmann, they are a customer-focused brand that is committed to providing every customer with a unique lighting scheme, and design and lighting modes per their requirement. There is much synergy between the Kuhlmann philosophy and Sol Luminaire’s ethos.”

It’s the culmination of these details that set Kuhlmann International apart from the rest. In this edition of 'In Conversation', the mic is passed on to Sonia Anya Tay, Project Director, to talk lighting matters, the company's past projects, and interior features that are current crowd favourites.

The Line Mini lights up The Kuhlmann Experience Centre.


Describe Kuhlmann International’s signature style in 3 words.

Contemporary, relevant and timeless.

What makes a space timeless?

Having a neutral background allows furniture to be showcased and reflect a personal touch; but most importantly, good lighting. Homeowners may possess unique personal treasures or heritage items they have collected over the years, which they may wish to feature within special areas of their home.

What are some ways you integrate technology into your projects?

Round edge details showcase the capabilities of the factory.  Seamless hardware such as our 180-degree hinges and the use of manmade materials helps to ease the maintenance of your space. We are also working with vendors on smart home options that are viable and in line with current trends.

Line Mini's geometrical body integrates seamlessly within contemporary spaces.


Kuhlmann International emphasises on the durability and timelessness of their projects-- can you tell us why they’re such important aspects of interior furnishings and design?

These two aspects are critical to maintenance in a home and he"Not all things age well, but we want to at least allow for things to age gracefully - in a fuss free way while letting the space take care of itself."lp to prolong the life of furnishings. Not all things age well, but we want to at least allow for things to age gracefully - in a fuss free way while letting the space take care of itself. "Not all things age well, but we want to at least allow for things to age gracefully - in a fuss free way while letting the space take care of itself."

Is there a difference between designing for residential and hospitality spaces?

Yes, the difference is in the usage and time spent in each space. A homeowner takes pride and place in his own home and designs are catered to their personal lifestyle choices. Hotel spaces accommodate the travelling needs of guests from all over the world and tend to satisfy the fundamental requirements for travel.

How does lighting affect or influence the way you work on a space? 

Lighting affects the mood of a space as well as the comfort of its users (particularly the user’s vision). For example, coolly lit spaces negate areas for tasks, while a warmly lit space suggests a place to lounge and laze. You will find warm lighting in most living and lounge areas, and white lighting in the study or kitchen.

The Line Mini displays impressive lighting features despite its miniature size.


Do you have a favourite luminaire from Sol Luminaire? 

The Halo Mini & Chloe series both make a reliable choice for any space as they are non-intrusive and subtle. Being small and agile, they can be discreetly positioned while providing powerful angles for beaming light.

Are there any particular interior styles or features popular amongst your clients right now?

Our clients are going for the modern, timeless looks enhanced by Kuhlmann products. The pandemic has affected the way we live. For example, working from home has become a way of life so the study area has become an important feature in a home. Clients are also spending more time in the kitchen so this has become a key focal point for families and clients who host social gatherings.

Halo Mini Exposed, a modern-style luminaire that accentuates your interiors.