In Conversation: MrPCI On Transforming Walls With Special Effects Painting And Textures

Texture, depth and dimension are key factors that can transform dreary HDB flats into gorgeous abodes that exude a sense of luxury and comfort at the same time. Although achieving the trifecta can be done with furniture, lights and decor, we often neglect the biggest part of our homes – the walls.

This is where MrPCI, also known as Performance Coatings International, comes in handy, specialising in stucco painting. Stucco painting is a niche practice that involves plasterwork and various types of paints in an array of colours and finishes that breathes life into any ordinary wall.

In this edition of In Conversation, we picked the brains of MrPCI’s Dominic Neo about the benefits of textured walls, recurring and upcoming trends and the creative process.

What does MrPCI do? 

In Singapore, the catchall term for this industry is “stucco painting”. We do other coating-related trading but fine plastering work for primarily interior spaces is the most visible part of our business such as textured paint finishes, using lime plaster, metallic and acrylic paints, for walls and ceilings.


What are the benefits of special effect painting? 

When executed and integrated well, textured paint finishes add depth and dimension to the space in a natural manner, free of joint lines. Colours and textures can be customised to a greater extent as compared to wallcovering alternatives.

What is the creative process like from the start to the end of a project? 

It depends, if the architect or interior designer already has a vision for the project, we will do our best to adhere to the specifications. We typically start with the scale of the project. Following which, we will delve into texture, followed by the colour. 

We have a showroom that exhibits our popular finishes, so that’s a good place to start if you are keen on exploring textured paint effects. Alternatively, Galerie 5 is a perfect place to see and feel how to integrate textured finishes into your space.

Tell us more about how the textured walls of Galerie 5 sets the mood and feel.

The dreamy and elevated aesthetic was mostly due to the design and lighting. It helped that the Galerie 5 team had a clear vision of the mood they were going for. The large, curved elevations provided an excellent base to work on. 

The particular finish at Galerie 5 is the PCI Travertino (Pinhole) finish in a custom beige. The colour is just the right blend of white, red and yellow – not overly pinkish or yellow.  And the pinhole texture is a very natural, stone-like effect. Again, the lighting does a lot of justice to the finish.


Share with us about the sustainability aspect of Oikos paint.

Our material supplier, Oikos Italy, has a firm focus on producing ecological paints and plaster that are safe for the environment and the end user. And this was their ethos since the 90s, before sustainability came into mainstream focus. What struck me the most during our visit to their factory was that none of their manufacturing and operations staff wore masks because there was no need to – the products are non-toxic, safe to inhale even in its raw form. And they still ensure that the product is of good quality in terms of durability as well.

Notable trends in 2022? 

Based on our project, there was a shift towards subtle, muted and earthy tones. The relaxed Bali villa aesthetic and vibe is still very popular right now, and the warm Travertine and Marmorino plasters achieve that effect well. 


Upcoming trends in 2023?

I wish we had a crystal ball for that! But I’d venture to say that there will be a demand for more elaborate designs and bolder colours.