Innovative Luminaires that Make Your Life Better

Is bigger always better? On the contrary, at Sol Luminaire we actually believe otherwise — that downsizing is a key aspect to building a modern and future-proof space. 

Innovation takes precedence with our lighting solutions, making sure that we’re always pushing the boundaries of modern luminaires, as with the Halo Mini and Line Mini series. 

Pictured Above: 2021 Line Mini (left)  vs 2017 Line (right). 


Sol Luminaire’s frequent innovation ensures that each luminaire’s functions have been adapted to suit the lifestyles and tastes of the contemporary homeowner, and that involves creating luminaires that perform better, at a reduced size. 


Pictured Above: Halo Mini Exposed. 


Bulky luminaires are becoming a thing of the past, and with Sol Luminaire’s frequent developments and innovation in the lighting scene, such outdated luminaires have been left in the dust completely. The Halo Mini series features variants that measure up to 75mm in diameter and 92mm in length, a decrease in size of up to 20% compared to conventional, bulky, surface-mounted luminaires that can contribute to retaining your ceiling height. The Halo Mini range serves as an extremely discreet and visually pleasing lighting solutions for your interior spaces.

Pictured Above: The Line Mini. 


The claustrophobia-inducing bulkiness of thick false ceilings can also be greatly reduced, thanks to the micro-sized AEON luminaires, which are small and discreet enough to retain the ceiling height of your interiors with minimal false ceiling installation required. One such example would be the Line Mini, which streamlines within your false ceiling at a minimum depth of 50mm, allowing more negative space into your interiors and creating a roomier feel overall. 

Decluttered ceilings and warm illumination are a signature of the Line Mini
Pictured Above: Line Mini. Designed by Rezt+Relax


The upgrades in AEON luminaires go beyond their size, as Chip-on-Board (COB) improvements have also been a major part of the innovation and upgrading process, ensuring increased Lumen Per Watt efficiency and CCT consistency. To top things off, the luminaires have a 55k-hour lifespan, ensuring an even better quality of luminaires than you’re used to. 


Naturally, user experience and comfort are of utmost importance when it comes to innovating and developing lighting solutions. Sol Luminaire’s upgraded luminaires all boast Unified Glare Ratings (UGR) that have been greatly reduced, meaning that overall visual discomfort and harshness of illumination has been decreased, in order to provide the best user experience possible. 



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