Inside Our Luminous International Day of Light Celebration

All the lights at Galerie 5 were aglow on 16th May as friends and family of Sol Luminaire descended upon Craig Road to celebrate the International Day of Light. A special display of lighting design, art, and nature was put together in partnership with Curated by Make Room featuring plenty of the latest luminaires by firms like Makhno Studio and SkLO. Here’s a recap of what went down during the festivities in case you missed it.

What better occasion to show off the newest luminaires than during the International Day of Light? Lamps like Makhno Studio’s Choven and Ba, SkLO’s Pillow Pendant and Float 2.0, and llll’s llll.01.4 were showcased front and centre around Galerie 5.

A special edition of the iconic Khmara luminaire in a customised finishing, the first ever white gold variant, was also unveiled on the day, having been created as part of a collaboration between Sol Luminaire and Makhno Studio exclusively for the Singaporean market.

As guests mingled on the showroom floor with cheese platters and beverages in hand, they were treated to a visual feast courtesy of Curated by Make Room. Portraits, paintings, and sculptural works by artists like RizRizRizz, Carry Doorn, Nicolette Bénard, Suus Kooijman, and Tal Nehoray were on full display across all two floors of Galerie 5. The aforementioned lamps added the final touch to the art pieces by enhancing their visual impact through illumination.

Fret not if you feel like you’ve missed out, as this exhibition will still be running till 16th June 2024 at Galerie 5, leaving you plenty of time to check out the new luminaires and artwork in person.