Introducing Mario Tsai: Pioneering Design and Sustainability in Architectural Lighting

Award-winning Hangzhou design studio, Mario Tsai, creates sustainable designs through innovative thinking and a fluid sense of artistry.

Refined by two years of practical experience in design and production at a furniture factory in Beijing after graduating in 2011, Mario honed his solid professional skills and macro-thinking abilities.




At the heart of Mario Tsai's creative endeavours lies the autonomous drive for research emanating from Mario Tsai Studio itself. Through this self-propelled approach, the brand actively explores the balance and diversity of design thinking within the realm of commercial practice. The designer focuses on the intrinsic qualities of materials, the systematic structure of projects, and the sustainability of their life cycle.


In the pursuit of his creative vision, Mario draws from a wellspring of innovative ideas, constantly challenging conventions and reimagining what is possible. His design thinking encompasses an expansive array of commercial practices, ensuring a holistic and multifaceted approach.

With each project, Mario Tsai's discerning eye is drawn to the distinctive material characteristics, the underlying systematic structures, and the long-term sustainability implications.

The Mazha and Electricity Light collections coming soon to the LAB2.1.