Jayne Tham and Vernon A’s Modern-Luxe Respite and Sanctuary

When it came to designing their new home, pioneer lifestyle blogger Jayne Tham and radio DJ Vernon A spared no expense, creating a warm, welcoming space for the family of four that evokes the look and feel of a luxury resort getaway.

Stepping into the apartment, one immediately notices the sleek wood finishings and a cool, modern colour palette that decorates the space, lending to the hotel-esque vibe that transports the space away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

A cosier ambience for evenings and late nights made possible by layering
LED strips with the Globula Square Double


Accentuated by small trinkets and art pieces, the space also beckons invitingly, supplemented by warm light that adds a cosy touch to each room. Learn more about the couple’s renovation process and how they managed to create the perfect getaway-at-home.


Share with us your home reno process.

It was a really smooth process, right from the planning to the execution. Vernon and I could easily decide on a theme because we are quite similar so when discussing with R&R about this, it was no problem for us at all. The people at R&R also could understand our needs very well so when we saw the 3D renderings, it met our expectations. It was then we fully trusted our designers at R&R to oversee the entire process. Actually, we have never ever visited our place during renovations so that’s how much we trusted them.


How would you describe your home in 3 words?

Modern luxe respite.

Adding dimension to long hallways with the Line Mini and Globula Square Double


How did you inject your personal style into the space?

We incorporated small little décor items here and there that reflect our personalities. For example, we got some fun carpets just to make our rooms a little more us. We also put up photos and paintings to have some of our personality in the house. 


Is lighting important in your everyday life?

Most definitely. Apart from its functionality, I think it just completes the entire feel of the house. I never knew lighting played such a huge role until I was at Sol Luminaire’s showroom and experienced it for myself. It really sets the mood and gives attention to what needs attention without being overbearing. 


What is your favourite Sol Luminaire/ the LAB2.1 product? Why?

It’s a tough choice but I love the Line Mini because it’s the smallest light I’ve ever seen but at the same time, it packs a punch. We have these to light up our balcony and it’s amazing how brightly lit it is with just 3 of these. They are so small and sleek and can aesthetically gel in with almost any space.


The iconic night light inspired by an eclipse, Kepler


What’s your favourite feature of your home?

It has to be my bedroom. It’s my sanctuary away from work and household chores. I love my cozy nook by the side of the bed because sometimes I just want to have a little me time when Vernon has to sleep early, so my bedside light has been used very often to not wake Vern while he sleeps.


Your home mixes and matches a variety of different textures and colours in its design; was there a specific theme you were going for?

Initially we wanted a monochromatic theme but we decided to give the house some warmth, considering we have kids now so we added a slight touch of wood here and there. We also liked the feel of being in a hotel as it made us feel like we are on a holiday and that was very relaxing so we wanted that element as well.


Complete this sentence,  A home is a place... 

Where love lives.