Launching Soon — GYPSUM, The Missing Piece

Modern apartments are looking more minimalist than before, and that includes taking into consideration our ceiling line. Introducing the Gypsum series, a Sol Luminaire exclusive that accentuates and adds character to your ceiling line — the missing piece for all interiors. Sounds intriguing, but what exactly is Gypsum? Basically, Gypsum is a plasterboard that creates a concave, recessed appearance in your ceilings where your luminaires are installed.

The Gypsum Kit fitted with the bestselling Halo V2 creates an obstructive concave ceiling profile


Fun fact, Gypsum (2018) was highly sought-after when it first launched, together with the Thea Trimless luminaire. Now, the Gypsum (2021) is a limited production series consisting of the Voli Gypsum Long, Voli Gypsum Small, and Halo Gypsum as the all-new lineup for the series.


The transformative Gypsum series adds a unique touch to ceilings, and an entirely different experience from the standard flat, 2-Dimensional ceiling outlooks that we are all too familiar with. It creates a gentle concave surface that surrounds the selected luminaire, adding dimension while softening the harsh visual lines commonly seen on standard ceilings.


This is particularly noticeable with the Voli Gypsum Short, as its rounded luminaire body protrudes slightly from the concave structure of the Gypsum Kit. Ceilings can now be a part of the architectural flow of a space, no longer all-white and conventional.

The Gypsum series featuring Voli Short, Halo V2, and Voli Long.


Also known as Plasterboard Ceiling, Gypsum is made out of a harder and more resistant version of partition, which can be customised with your desired paint finishings once installed, giving it a seamless and unified aesthetic. The installation process is simple and incredibly seamless — the installer will simply cut out the necessary boring size from a false ceiling of at least 85mm depth, before performing a simple patch and paint procedure, then ending off by fitting the desired Gypsum Series.


The Gypsum Series featuring Voli Long, creating a unique ceiling profile


Add subtle design features to your interiors with the Gypsum Series fitted with Voli Small


Although somewhat visually similar to another preceding product from Sol Luminaire, the Thea Trimless, the Gypsum series has been much more reduced in size, boasting a diminished diameter of 92mm across only, creating a less bulky feel that aids to declutter your ceiling line even more, aligning with Sol Luminaire’s goal of creating downsized luminaires with upgraded functions that integrate seamlessly into any interior space.


The Gypsum series's soft concave structure goes beyond just aesthetic purposes, as its recessed concave shape will help to reduce the glare and discomfort produced by luminaires when switched on. Naturally, this creates an even more comfortable and soothing environment for you to enjoy. All this, thanks to one simple installation kit.



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