Less is More: The Isa V3 Mini and The Gypsum Boba Are Minimalistic Must-Haves

Maximalist sensibilities have returned in full swing and homeowners across the world have adopted statement pieces in their abodes, be it designer art collections or eclectic furniture. But one thing comes to mind:  How can lights complement saturated colours and textures?

Fancy luminaries are a great showpiece and a conversation starter with guests but they are often hard to clean due to the complex design and various components with tons of nooks and crannies. Of course, not everyone has the time to methodically dust every section, which is why our no fuss-lights – the Isa V3 Mini and the Gypsum series – come in real handy, especially in confined apartments.

The Isa V3 Mini was designed specifically with obscurity in mind without compromising on power. At only 50mm, the ceiling light blends seamlessly without any exposed wires or surfaces that might collect dust.

The light provides ample illumination within any given space with adjustable colour temperatures from white to warm for a soothing atmosphere whenever called for. It also comes in three finishes, white, gold and black, as well as two recessed kits, textured white and black, which will fit well in most homes.

The sleek finishes make it almost invisible, which is perfect as a trio or a quad over the kitchen, a dining room or even a living room where friends and family can hang out without any obstructions or distractions for good and hearty quality time.

For those who wanA house is only a home when it is constructed and furnished for you and your lifestyle.t a little more flair, the Gypsum series is a must-have for its rounded yet minimalistic design.  A house is only a home when it is constructed and furnished for you and your lifestyle.

We’ve talked about the Gypsum Boba before but it bears repeating as the 70s-inspired design can transform any room it's in. The dim-to-warm function is able to change up the mood at a moment’s notice and the concave setting makes for an interesting element that speaks of the owner’s architectural eye. 

The Gypsum Boba pairs exceptionally well with curved facades that are also on trend right now, keeping to the theme of fluidity and tranquillity that it evokes. 

This particular light can be installed as a downlight or a wall light. While both are effective, the latter doubles as an accent piece for the home that flies under the radar until it catches the attention of visitors for its lovable and cute look.