Lighting Consultants Let You in on That One Trick in Ambience Creation

Imagine coming home to an office-like environment after a day of work – you probably wouldn’t want that. Which is why Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) is one half of the factor that determines how cosy and welcoming your home will turn out.

To break it down, CCT is a characteristic of the light source expressed by Kelvins (K) from a scale of 1,000K – 10,000K. When it goes over 5000K, cool bluish hues are projected, while lower CCT results in a warmer illumination.

Here comes the trick: To create a soothing ambience, stick with a consistent 3000K warm white light throughout your home.


You might ask, why 3000K? To us, it’s that fine balance right in the middle. Anything lesser than 3000K emits a vintage outcome in terms of lighting and can make the environment appear less fresh. Over 3000K, it emits a harsh flat hue that is synonymous with office lighting.


Opting for the ideal 3000K light results in a cosy comfortable setting without overdoing it, making it ideal even for illuminating task areas to stimulate productivity.


Photo: LAANK, Sultan of Shave


Next up: Colour Rendering Index (CRI), which helps enhance visual crispness, maintaining the colour accuracy and clarity the illuminance is projecting on.


And our recommended CRI would be a high 90 – as seen in our AEON lights like the Globula.

Photo: Globula Series, available in 6 variations
Photo: Fide Living, Yang Gallery


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