Lighting Tips That Make Rental Flats Feel Like A Forever Home

Year-on-year, overall rents increase by 15.1% from April 2021. (Source: 99-URX/URA) More than just transitional spaces, rental homes are becoming a popular choice among expats, families and young couples waiting for their forever homes.

Most homeowners spend minimally on renovation works and with it comes stylistic restrictions. But there is an easy way to make your temporary homes feel cosy and personal, through statement luminaires that can be brought forward. With that said, here are some of our favourite luminaires to spruce up your home:

The ONN pendant luminaire by Spanish brand a-emotional light is inspired by the stripe patterns of the marine world. Made in stainless steel mesh, the silhouette adds dynamism to your spaces, evoking warmth which is perfect after a long day at work.  Plus point? It's easy to install and visually enhances a room's aesthetic.


Go for the LEA pendant luminaire if you're looking for a more relaxing silhouette. A talking piece inspired by the stars in the sky for temporary and forever spaces.

Here’s another tip, invest in floor lamps. They are equally effective as wall lights, while being more versatile and pleasant to look at. 

The SiO2 range of floor lamps are designed for contemporary spaces, this makes it a versatile choice if you are between interiors of different themes. It comes with a three-pin plug, allowing easy movement while illuminating stylishly. Find the best configuration to create a cosy nook. 


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