Lighting Tips to Improve Your Everyday Life

Lighting is more than illuminating spaces, it affects your mood and productivity. Sure, the average luminaire gets the job done. But with a little more attention to detail and utilisation of the right luminaires, your lighting can do so much more for you. 

Transformative Lighting

Luminaires can add dimension and depth to your interiors. Our lighting specialists recommend techniques such as shadowplay, or placing twin and triplet units within your interiors for spotlighting functions, or utilising luminaires with adjustable beam angles (like the Halo Mini Exposed) and focusing functions (such as the Isa V3 Focus).  These techniques transform your home by drawing attention to certain focal points of your space, helping to accentuate your interiors and prevent a ‘flat’, 2-dimensional looking space. 

Elegant interiors, elevated by introducing visual warmth for a cosier and more inviting ambience. Designed by Rockin Spaces.


Dimmer Functions

Another way to supplement your interior aesthetics is by incorporating dimmers into your lighting rig. By using dimmer switches and luminaires with Dim-to-Warm functions, you can enjoy a cosy and inviting atmosphere whenever you want. Besides creating a visually appealing environment, dim-to-warm lighting also helps to transition your mind and body into different modes at different times of day — whether you’re working in the day, or lounging with a feel-good movie or book. 

Dimension is added through light and shadow once the curtains are drawn and luminaires are switched on. Designed by Arche.Interior


Reduced Glare

A space holds multiple functions. You can be working, hosting guests, or simply relaxing at home, glare and eye strains can be easily prevented by selecting luminaires with low glare. Sol Luminaire’s product range features low Unified Glare Ratings (UGR), ensuring reduced eye strain even after spending long hours in artificial light. 

An at-home library that doubles up as a relaxing nook and conducive workspace, depending on which luminaires are used. Designed by MONOCOT