Lights On: DJ Chen Qijia Transforms Her Home Into A Calming Museum-Like Space

Creating a home that blends the serenity of an art gallery with the functionality of everyday living is no small feat, but YES933 DJ Chen Qijia has done just that. Inspired by her wedding at the National Museum Singapore and a honeymoon in Paris, Qijia envisioned a space that embodies calmness and creativity. The result is a stunning home that stands as a testament to her perseverance and passion for art.

Congrats on your new home! What were some of your inspirations when coming up with the overall theme of your home? 

I wanted a space that could make me feel calm and creative. I asked myself what kind of environment evokes those feelings and the answer is straightforward - art gallery! Fun fact, my husband and I had our wedding at National Museum Singapore! I was also inspired by our honeymoon to Paris so we included some modern parisian elements like the french doors, mouldings, and black and white octagon tiles. 

Describe your home in 3 words.

Calming, inspiring, soft.

Where do you usually relax and unwind? How did you create a cosy environment for this?

My living room! I am a highly sensitive introvert so I try to avoid harsh lighting and loud noises when I want to relax. Big lights and cool white lights are forbidden. In the day I love the soft, natural sunlight from our day curtains, and at night I love very warm ambience lighting. I also love to create the mood with acoustic and lo-fi music at home. Also, reduce clutter! Tidy often. Pay attention to the 5 senses. 

How did lights from Sol Luminaire contribute to the museum-type feel of your home?

Illuminating light on art is the key to creating a museum-type feel at home. I love that the lights we chose to install are rotatable downlights so no matter where we display our art, we can shine light on it. Very versatile. 

Do you have any favourite lights from Sol Luminaire? 

I can't decide between the Gypsum Bobas and Volis! Gypsum Bobas because they are cute and I love the curving details around it, Volis because I am a fan of downlights! 


What are some key takeaways you learnt after engaging Sol Luminaire?

They are Light Artists who pay attention to detail. I love that the team is very passionate and professional when it comes to any lighting needs.

As someone that creates content at home, how much time do you spend there? 

Other than creating content at home, I also work as a Radio DJ, Event Emcee and Podcast Host so I am out quite often. However, as a 宅女(homebody), my favourite place on earth is my home and my bed. I try to spend Sundays at home to reset and pockets of time on weekdays outside of work to film content at home. It requires discipline but is very therapeutic for me!