Lights On: Enter Ah Boys to Men Actor Joshua Tan's Minimalist Haven

Buying a house is a great feat for any young couple but nothing beats moving into your dream home. From getting the keys to designing every nook and cranny, your first home becomes a sacred place for you and your loved ones to unwind, let loose and make beautiful memories. 

Ah Boys To Men actor Joshua Tan knows this well, moving in recently with his wife Zoen Tay, he walks us through the creative design process for his new minimalist haven.

Congratulations on moving in! "We really dislike harsh spotlights so the dimmable lights by Sol Luminaire really make such a huge difference to us." - Joshua TanThis has been two years in the making, what were you most excited for? "We really dislike harsh spotlights so the dimmable lights by Sol Luminaire really make such a huge difference to us." - Joshua Tan

Moving in! I think like most Singaporeans here living with your parents is the norm, but having experienced complete independence when I was in Melbourne made the adjustment back to living with my folks even more challenging.

Also, as newly weds, Zoen and I were keen to have our own space that we could really curate and make our own. A new start together as a married couple began with our home.


How would you describe your new home?

It is quite minimalistic, we were hoping to do without clutter but inevitably even Marie Kondo would have some in her own home, I suspect. It is definitely more than I could ever imagine. Zoen is the creative and artsy one whereas I am just plain old boring. We were looking at a few other units much smaller in size but having lived in Australia for quite a while, we both value the importance of space. Our interior designer, Shuwen also got onto the same wavelength as us quickly, so she was able to actualise our abstract concepts into reality.

How were Sol Luminaire lights integral in creating your dream home? 

We really dislike harsh spotlights so the dimmable lights by Sol Luminaire really make such a huge difference to us.

Going to the showroom was really an eye-opening experience, I had no idea the range of lights that Sol Luminaire carried was so extensive. Also, there is just nothing like looking at the lights in person. Being able to see the functionality of each light and the aesthetics made a huge difference in selecting the ones that suit our theme the most.

Luminaires featured for Joshua Tan's home: Isa V3, Isa V3 Mini, Halo Gypsum, Gypsum Boba

What were your design and interior inspirations?

Zoen was going for a minimalist inspired look for our home, it took us a lot of experimenting to realise that we actually both liked white, which is not easy to maintain, especially with 2 fur kids. Shuwen really helped us translate our mood board into reality, distilling our wants and needs into a concept, which she also helped execute brilliantly. The balcony was what made us fall in love with our home in the first place, the wide-open space that looked out into greenery really gave it the “out of Singapore” kind of feel and a place for our doggos to roam.



Do you have a favourite room?

My study room is probably where I spend the most time, it's where I am the most productive. As I work alongside Zoen in running our skincare line – Zyu Skincare. We have most of our meetings, calls & reminders there, which is why I call it my “get stuff done” room, and of course, after a productive couple of hours, the comfortable sofa bed just behind me often seduces me to a nice little nap to reward myself.


Do you have any renovation advice for new homeowners?

Plan early, always leave a four to six weeks buffer, and be prepared for the unexpected.