Lights On: How Ryan Tan of Night Owl Cinematics Incorporates Cinematography into Home Illumination

Most of us know Ryan Tan, Co-Founder of Night Owl Cinematics as the funny guy, the comedian, the Chief Operation Officer, the go-getter or even everything combined.

What we do not know is that behind the many hats he wears, Ryan is a cinematographer by profession. That artistry can be seen translating from motion-picture photography and filming, into his newly refreshed bachelor’s pad. “Lighting is extremely important to me,” says Ryan on the topic of illumination in his home.

The successful digital media entrepreneur gives us the insider scoop on the art of illumination and designing his new modern luxury smart home.

Tell us a little bit about the design inspiration behind your home. Are you heavily involved, or did you leave the design work to your interior design team?

I would say I was heavily involved, the IDs provided great advice but never insisted on their ways. As a cinematographer by profession, lighting is extremely important to me and I was against using cheap lights for my home.

The choice of lights – Globula & Privy, discreetly disappears into the ceilings and enhances the warmth tones chosen by Ryan for his home.


Where is your favourite spot to lounge at home?

Prior to the renovation, my balcony, after the renovation, my dining area. Sol Luminaire's expert and deliberate lighting highlights my very beautiful Grey & Sander's Dining Table that is unique to me. Additionally, I am also able to control precisely how light or dim I want the lights to be!


We heard that your home is a smart home. Tell us about the smart home features that you love.

Scene setting for sure! I can just say "Hey Google, Turn on Romantic Dinner" And the light dims into a very romantic setting and plays romantic music!


How did you learn about Sol Luminaire?

I was struggling to find a modern light supplier. Most reputable light suppliers in Singapore have been around for a long time and do not have the same lighting priorities as I do. Most vendors I met focused on the multiple functions, colour, and brightness of the lights, but good lights do not need to be bright nor multi-functional. That was my greatest difficulty. My smart home partner Home-A-Genius told me that Sol Luminaire’s lights were exactly what I needed, so I headed over to the showroom to scope out the lights—and fell in love at first sight!

Tell us about the shopping experience at Sol Luminaire/The Lab2.1. Do you have a favourite product/light from us?

A favourite piece of mine that I missed the first time round is the bedroom reading light (Kepler). I didn't manage to integrate it into my room design, but I like that the light uses a clever trick that cinematographers use, called “cutting the light”, to control the spill and shape of the light source, creating artistic shadows, and illuminating spaces in a way that is not harsh on the eyes. Contrary to popular belief, lights don't have to come from a direct source, but can instead be diffused, reflected, or shaped to achieve various effects.


The Kepler light allows light to be diffused and bounce of surfaces, resulting in better visual comfort. "I like that the light uses a clever trick that cinematographers use, called “cutting the light”, to control the spill and shape of the light source, creating artistic shadows," says Ryan.


Do you see yourself using your home as a studio office, or do you see your home as an environment to relax?

Both! As I am running my own business, work, rest, and play often meld into a seamless experience.

Ryan also shopped at the LAB2.1 for pendant lights.


You did the renovation post-Circuit-Breaker. Did you run into any issues with the timeline or has it changed your renovation plans in anyway?

I was advised against doing renovation during the Hungry Ghost Festival but I'm not a particularly superstitious person. In fact, everything moved along faster because not many people actually wanna renovate during Hungry Ghost Festival!


What is the best investment in your home?

I personally chose all the suppliers and vendors I engaged with during the process, so I am very happy with how everything meshed together nicely. But if I had to pick just one thing, it would definitely be the lights by Sol Luminaire. I’m not saying this just because you guys are interviewing me, I mean it! They greatly complement all the other vendors’ work— from the Evorich ceiling, vinyl floor and wall tiling, to the Grey & Sanders furniture. The lights were deliberately placed and adjusted to highlight the best features of the house.

We know this is probably your dream home already, but how would you make it even better?

No house is perfect. A home is a very personal space, and I couldn't ask for more. Working within so many restrictions and space constraints, it’s about as good as it can get! 


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