Lights On: How Style Luminary Chloe Choo Transformed Her Home Into An Adult-Sized Playground

It comes as no surprise that style influencer and content creator Chloe Choo’s house looks the way it does— a delightfully mismatched collection of textures and colours, supplemented by unique furniture that is, quite literally, one-of-a-kind. 

Known for her quirky-but-glamorous personal aesthetic, Chloe’s style translates perfectly into the design of her home, from the sleek luminaries, to the custom-made pink tiled dog lounge for her furry friends. 


How exactly did she achieve this without the help of an interior designer? Chloe gives us the inside scoop on how she built this eclectic space that serves as an intimate escape from the outside world.



You designed your home without an interior designer. Tell us about your experience.

It was super confusing at first but it got better along the way and at the end of it, it felt really fulfilling to see how our idea came to life. I’d encourage everyone to at least try this if you have a strong idea that you already have in mind.


Did you encounter any challenges while designing and renovating your home?

I found that there were quite a few design limitations, because we were inspired by spaces overseas, but were unable to find similar stuff in Singapore. We found that most local contractors were very traditional, so it was pretty difficult to find ones that could design things exactly as we wanted. Also, we had to learn and oversee what the contractors were doing during the entire process.

Pictured Above: Globula Track and the LAB2.1's SiO2 35W_2A/GS. Floor Lamp


What were the inspirations behind your interior themes?

We didn’t have a specific theme, all I did was gather all our favourite things together and put them inside this space. I found inspiration in various places-- from Pinterest, to art installations, instead of just looking at other home interiors. I designed my home with a chill-out, lounge-y vibe in mind, I wanted our home to be a place of rest and away from the world. Somewhere surreal.


Describe your home in 3 words

Fun, dog-friendly, lounge

Chloe's custom-made pink-and-red tiled dog lounge. Image via @chloeandchoo & @bobbykiranyeo. 


Share with us the favourite part of your home.

My favourite part has got to be the bedroom. I love how cozy it feels in here!


Share your favourite Sol Luminaire and the LAB2.1 product.

My favourite product from Sol Luminaire is the Thea light, I love how raw but neat the finishing is.

My favourite product from the LAB2.1 is the SiO2 35W_2A/GS. Floor Lamp. It looks very sleek, and matches with my interior’s theme. It has a dimmable button at the top and it’s one of the reasons why the bedroom is my favourite part of the house. 


Pictured Above: Thea.


How important is lighting for you?

I think that it’s one of the more important things for us, because I have always envisioned a home that has warm, cozy lighting. We could have everything that makes a cozy home, but with the wrong lighting, the vibe will be killed anyway. So lighting was really one of the most important things we looked out for in creating our home.


How has it helped with your work or daily tasks?

I work from home on my laptop so all I need is some warm light, comfortable enough for my straining eyes, and that’s what I got with Sol Luminaire & the LAB2.1’s dimmable luminaires.

Pictured Above: Globula Chrome Black and the LAB2.1's SiO2 35W_2A/GS. Floor Lamp.
Pictured Above: the LAB2.1's SiO2 35W_2A/GS. Floor Lamp. Image via @chloeandchoo & @bobbykiranyeo. 


How is Sol Luminaire/ the LAB2.1 lighting different from what you've seen in the market?

Quality. Though other luminaries featured similar styles and were cheaper, the quality of the materials were just not on par with Sol Luminaire or the LAB2.1’s luminaries. The staff at Sol Luminaire and the LAB2.1 also took the time to explain and go through the details with us, like how we could incorporate the design of the lights into our vision.



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